80TPH Asphalt Batch Plant Powers Russian Municipal Transportation

In the midst of a booming municipal road improvement project, a prominent Russian road construction company sought a new asphalt mixing plant to enhance its capabilities for municipal road projects.

AMIX 80TPH Asphalt Batch Plant Powers Russian Municipal Transportation

Choosing AIMIX Over Other Manufacturers

After mid-year inquiries on our website, AIMIX’s asphalt mixing plant became the top choice for the client, following meticulous investigations and comparisons among various manufacturers. The Russian client opted for AIMIX’s asphalt mixing plant due to our robust capabilities, professional services, and competitive pricing. The decision followed extensive research and careful consideration.

On-Site Visit Validates Decision

Prior to making a deposit, the client insisted on a site visit to our company. Sales manager Anna warmly welcomed the client, guiding him through our workshops and showcasing our autonomous processing and manufacturing capabilities. The client was impressed with our equipment, observing the production of two asphalt mixing plants in progress. Satisfied with AIMIX’s strength, the client ultimately decided to sign the contract and purchase an ALQ80 asphalt mixing plant.

ALQ80 asphalt mixing plant in Russia

Efficient Production and Timely Delivery

Upon placing the order, our workers diligently completed the production and assembly of the equipment in our factory. Once everything was meticulously tested for smooth operation, we initiated the process of transporting the asphalt mixing plant to Russia. After half a month of transportation, the asphalt batch plant arrived in Russia. Simultaneously, two engineers were dispatched to the site to provide guidance on installation and debugging.

delivery of powder material silo
delivery of dry drum
delivery of asphalt mixers

Professional Installation and Technical Training

Collaborating with local workers, our engineers overcame communication challenges, ensuring the timely completion of the asphalt plant’s installation and debugging. In addition to addressing technical aspects, our engineers provided professional training to elevate the technical proficiency of the client’s operational staff.

asphalt tank installation
batching machine assembly

asphalt mixing tower
installing asphalt mixing tower
testing the burner

Successful Operation and High Client Satisfaction

After a month of installation and debugging, the ALQ80 asphalt mixing plant smoothly commenced operations. The client expressed great satisfaction, offering high praise for both our equipment and after-sales service. With an expected annual production capacity of 20,000 to 30,000 tons of asphalt mixture, the project is anticipated to significantly enhance the quality of local municipal road construction.

ALQ80 asphalt plant service in Russia
Customer Reviews on Aimix ALQ80 Asphalt Batch Plant

Future Prospects in Russia

As the asphalt mixing plant officially enters production, AIMIX eagerly anticipates showcasing its equipment’s prowess in Russia once again. The successful collaboration stands as a testament to AIMIX’s commitment to delivering quality products and services on the global stage.

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