ALQ80 Asphalt Batch Plant is Being Installed In Order

Now, AIMIX ALQ80 asphalt batch mixing plant is being installed in order at the construction site in Indonesia. Actually, the asphalt mixing plant has arrived at the port in the end of April, 2023. The client brought it to the construction site and requested to carry out installation as soon as possible. Thus, AIMIX engineers in Indonesia came to the site and started to install it immediately.

installing ALQ80 Asphalt Mix Plant

How Long Does it Take to Install The Asphalt Plant?

In general, it takes 40~60 days to install the batch type asphalt plant until it can normally working at the construction site, including installaing, testing, and debugging processes.

  • Arrival time: At the end of April, 2023
  • Installation start time: In the beginning of May, 2023
  • Expected installation completion time: At the end of June, 2023

ALQ80 Asphalt Mix Plant Installation i n Indonesia
installing ALQ80 Asphalt Mix Plant in Indonesia

Installation Process

Because the asphalt mixing plant is a large road construction equipment, the installation process is relatively complex. Here is a general overview of the installation procedure:

Foundation Construction

It is necessary to construct a solid foundation to support the asphalt mixing plant’s weight and ensure stability.

Equipment Installation

Install the main components of the asphalt mixing plant in Indonesia, including the cold feed bins, conveyor systems, drying drum, hot aggregate storage bins, mixing unit, asphalt storage tanks, and control room.

Electrical and Plumbing Connections

Connect the electrical and plumbing systems, includding wiring the control panel, connecting motors, sensors, and instruments, etc.

ALQ80 Asphalt Batch Plant is Being Installed In Order

Dust removing system installaltion

Install air pollution control devices such as baghouses, dust collectors, or scrubbers; Ensure compliance with Indonesian local environmental regulations regarding emissions.

Asphalt Storage and Heating

Set up the storage system for asphalt, which may include tanks or silos for storing the finished product.

Testing and Commissioning

Conduct comprehensive testing and calibration of the asphalt mixing plant’s components and systems and run trial batches to test the performance and quality of the asphalt produced by the equipment.


Provide training to the operators and maintenance personnel on the operation, maintenance, and safety procedures of the stationary asphalt mixing plant.

The installation of asphalt plant equipment including the above steps generally. Let’s look forward to finishing installation of AIMIX ALQ80 in Indonesia.

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