Asphalt Batch Plant

Asphalt batch plant is a specialized type of machinery used in the construction industry for the production of asphalt mixture. The term “batch” in the plant’s name indicates that it operates in batches. It means that specific quantities of raw materials are fed into the plant’s system at predefined intervals to produce a batch of asphalt mixture in 45s or 60s.

AIMIX Asphalt Batch Plant

Well, the raw materials, include aggregates (such as sand, stone, and gravel), bitumen (a binder or asphalt cement), and sometimes filler materials. They are carefully proportioned and fed into the plant for asphalt mixture production. It is used for various applications such as road construction, highways, airports, and more. In the following paragraph, you can check its wide applications below.

Wide Applications of Asphalt Batch Plants

  • Road Construction: The batch mix asphalt plant is extensively used in building roads, highways, and expressways. It can produce high-quality asphalt mixture for laying road surfaces with the feature of durable and smooth.
  • Airport Construction: In general, the area of the airport, it has high-standard requirements for the roads, especially for the runways, taxiways, and aprons. The batch asphalt plant can provide the consistent and strong asphalt surfaces needed for airport infrastructure.
  • Highway Construction
    Highway Road Construction
    Airport Construction
    Airport Construction

  • Bridge Construction: In bridge construction, the asphalt mixture is usually for the construction of bridge decks and approaches. Due to the importance of transporting, it should ensure the longevity and load-bearing capacity of bridge decks. Using the asphalt mixture produced by the asphalt batching plant is the best choice.
  • Rural Roads: In rural areas, the mobile asphalt batch mix plants are used to construct and maintain roads connecting remote regions to urban centers. These roads are vital for transportation, commerce, and access to essential services.
  • Bridge construction
    Bridge Construction
    Rural Roads
    Rural Roads

  • Maintenance and Repairs: Asphalt batch plants are not only used for new construction but also for maintenance and repair work. Generally, we adopt the mobile asphalt plant batch type for resurfacing and patching damaged road sections in different areas.
  • Road Maintenance and Repairs
    Road Maintenance and Repairs

Of course, the application of asphalt plants is not limited to the above listed, they may applied to these fields, like industrial facilities, residential construction, parking lots, sports facilities, etc. AIMIX, as the well-known asphalt batch mix plant manufacturers, has exported many units of asphalt batch plants to global customers. Check which fields these customers use asphalt batching plants below.

Which Projects Are AIMIX Customers Using Asphalt Batch Mix Plants For?

Until now, AIMIX has exported over 60 units of asphalt batch plants to global customers in these countries, like Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Uzbekistan, Russia, Thailand, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Myanmar, Nigeria, Australia, etc. Check some cases below.

ALQ80 Stationary Asphalt Batch Mix Plant For Highway Construction

  • Project: for highway construction
  • Customer review: “I’m grateful for the professionalism of the AIMIX sales and service team. Furthermore, their timely after-sales service has been a tremendous help to me. I completed the installation and commissioning within just one month. Now my project is processing in order. ”

ALQ80 Batch Asphalt Plant for Highway Construction in Indonesia

ALQ80 Asphalt Batch Mix Plant in Indonesia

ALQ120 Stationary Asphalt Batch Plant For Urban Road Construction

  • Project: used for urban road construction
  • Customer review: “The AIMIX engineers visited our site to assist with installation and training, and their customer care was greatly valued. Collaborating with the AIMIX team has been a delightful experience.”

ALQ120 Asphalt Batch Plant Installing in Malaysia

Installation of ALQ120 Asphalt Batching Plant in Malaysia

ALQ80 Batch Mix Aspahlt Plant Working in Uzbekistan

  • Project: for country road construction
  • Customer review: “I bought a concrete mixing plant from AIMIX one year ago. They have a branch office in Uzbekistan, which was convenient for me to connect with them. They also helped me with installation and operation guidance.”

ALQ80 Batch Mix Aspahlt Plant Working in Uzbekistan

ALQ100 Batch Asphalt Mixing Plant in the Philippines

  • Project: used for country road construction
  • Customer review: “Due to my large investment for the project, the AIMIX sales and engineers have come to my office for a business plan on the asphalt mixing plant and come to my construction site for equipment layout design. Finally, their solution can satisfy me greatly. I have to say – AIMIX is a professional and trustworthy company!”

ALQ100 Asphalt Plant Working in The Philippines

From the above customer reviews, you can know that AIMIX provides considerate service from pre-sale to after-sales service. Thus, if you are a new starter in this field, it doesn’t matter because AIMIX sales will offer professional advice before you choose a suitable asphalt batch plant from us. Then, let’s delve into how to choose a suitable asphalt mixing plant for your project.

How to Choose A Suitable Asphalt Batch Plant for Construction Project?

Selecting a suitable asphalt batch mixing plant in AIMIX involves careful consideration of various factors to ensure that the batch asphalt plant meets your specific requirements and project goals. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you make an informed decision:

Project Requirements

Project Size

Determine the scale of your construction project. Smaller projects may require a smaller capacity asphalt batch plant, while larger projects will need a plant with higher production capacity. AIMIX has divided the capacity into three kinds as follows(according to 8 working hours per day):

  • Small capacity: 40 and 60 t/h ( 320 tons per day / 480 tons per day)
  • Medium capacity: 80, 100, 120, 160, 200 t/h ( 640t, 800t, 960t, 1280t, 1600 t/day )
  • Large capacity: 320 and 400 t/h ( 2560 t and 3200 t/day )

Small Capacity Asphalt Batch Plant - 40TPH
Small Capacity Asphalt Batch Plant – 40TPH
Large Capacity Asphalt Batch Plant - 160TPH
Large Capacity Asphalt Batch Plant – 160TPH

Project Location

Consider the location and accessibility of your project site. If the road construction site is nearby, choose the stationary asphalt batch mix plant – ALQ series. It can’t move once installed on-site.

If it’s in a remote area, a mobile asphalt batch plant may be more suitable for easy transport and setup. Just consider the ALYQ series. Here are some introductions to two kinds of asphalt batch mix plants.

ALQ Series Stationary Asphalt Batching Plant
  • The AIMIX ALQ series asphalt batching plant represents a range of stationary asphalt plants designed for the production of high-quality hot mix asphalt (HMA). Its capacity ranges from 40 t/h to 320 t/h. Models are ALQ40, ALQ60, ALQ80, ALQ100, ALQ120, ALQ160, ALQ180, ALQ200, ALQ240, and ALQ320.
  • With substantial production capacity, it is more suitable for long-term construction projects requiring a continuous supply of asphalt, like highway construction, expressways, municipal roads, bridges, tunnels, parking lots, manufacturing facilities, logistics centers, etc.
  • The ALQ Series features a modular design, allowing for ease of transportation, installation, and potential expansion.
  • In addition, advanced control systems enable precise regulation of aggregate, filler, and bitumen ratios, ensuring consistent and superior mix quality.
ALQ60 Asphalt Batching Plant in AIMIX

ALQ60 Asphalt Batching Plant

ALQ80 Batch Mix Asphalt Plant in AIMIX

ALQ80 Batch Mix Asphalt Plant

AIMIX ALQ100 Asphalt Batch Plant

ALQ100 Asphalt Batch Plant

Cold Aggregate Feeding System
Hopper Capacity(m)4*4.54*6.54*7.54*7.54*7.55*125*125*126*15
Collect Belt Capacity(t/h)6080100120140200220280360
Aggregate Dryer
Dryer Size(m)φ1.2*5.2φ1.5*6φ1.5*6.7φ1.65*7φ1.8*8φ2.2*9φ2.6*9φ2.6*9.5φ2.8*10.2
Dryer Capacity (t/h)6080100120140180240260360
Fuel Max Consumption(kg/h)3004505507009501200140017002250
Mixing Tower
Vibrating Screen(Layer)444445556
Aggregate Metering hopper(kg)5008001000130015002000250030004000
Mineral Flour Metering hopper (kg)120150200200300300320600700
Bitumen Metering hopper (kg)100120150150250250250480500
Weighing accuracyaggregate:±0.5% Mineral Flour:±0.25% Bitumen:±0.25%aggregate:±0.5% Mineral Flour:±0.25% Bitumen:±0.25%aggregate:±0.5% Mineral Flour:±0.25% Bitumen:±0.25%aggregate:±0.5% Mineral Flour:±0.25% Bitumen:±0.25%aggregate:±0.5% Mineral Flour:±0.25% Bitumen:±0.25%aggregate:±0.5% Mineral Flour:±0.25% Bitumen:±0.25%aggregate:±0.5% Mineral Flour:±0.25% Bitumen:±0.25%aggregate:±0.5% Mineral Flour:±0.25% Bitumen:±0.25%aggregate:±0.5% Mineral Flour:±0.25% Bitumen:±0.25%
Mixer Capacity(kg)5008001000125015002000250030004000
Cycle Time(s)454545454545454545
Dust filter (Bag dust filter)
Filter Area(m2) 23030042048055065070010501350
Draught Fan(kw)22304555901102*752*902*110
Asphalt Temperature (⊥)140-180140-180140-180140-180140-180140-180140-180140-180140-180
Finish Asphalt storage silo(ton)20/5020/5020/506060120120/200
Total power (kw) 170200300350380490550670865
ALYQ Series Mobile Asphalt Batch Mix Plant
  • ALYQ series asphalt plants are mobile and portable, allowing for easy transportation to different job sites, making them ideal for projects with changing locations. With the compact and integrated design, it makes the setup and installation easier and quicker.
  • AIMIX has manufactured several models of mobile asphalt plants for sale, including ALYQ60, ALYQ80, ALYQ100, ALYQ120, ALYQ160.
  • The mobile asphalt plants are valuable for projects in remote or challenging locations where access to stationary plants may be limited. And it is also applied for road construction projects, like rural roads, and local infrastructure development.
ALYQ Series Mobile Asphalt Batch Mix Plant
ALYQ Series Mobile Asphalt Batch Mix Plant
Output (t/h)6080100120160
Cold Aggregate Feeding System
Hopper Capacity(m)4*6.54*7.54*7.54*7.55*8
Collect Belt Capacity (t/h)80100120140180
Aggregate Dryer
Dryer Size(m)φ1.5*6φ1.5*6.7φ1.65*7φ1.8*8φ1.9*9
Dryer Capacity(t/h)80100120140180
Fuel Max Consumption(kg/h)4505507009501200
Mixing Tower
Vibrating Screen (Layer)44444
Aggregate Metering hopper(kg)8001000130015002000
Mineral Flour Metering hopper(kg)150200200300300
Bitumen Metering hopper(kg)120150150250250
Weighing accuracyaggregate:±0.5% Mineral Flour:±0.25% Bitumen:±0.25%aggregate:±0.5% Mineral Flour:±0.25% Bitumen:±0.25%aggregate:±0.5% Mineral Flour:±0.25% Bitumen:±0.25%aggregate:±0.5% Mineral Flour:±0.25% Bitumen:±0.25%aggregate:±0.5% Mineral Flour:±0.25% Bitumen:±0.25%
Mixer Capacity(kg)8001000125015002000
Cycle Time(s)4545454545
Dust filter(Bag dust filter)
Filter Area(m2)300420480550650
Draught Fan (kw)30455590110
Asphalt Temperature (⊥)140-180140-180140-180140-180140-180
Total power(kw)200300350380490

In summary, the AIMIX ALQ Series Asphalt Batching Plant offers stationary types suitable for large-scale and continuous projects, while the ALYQ Series asphalt batch mix plant provides mobility and adaptability, making it ideal for small and medium projects, maintenance work, and projects in remote or changing locations. Both series deliver reliable asphalt production capabilities for various construction applications, with each offering distinct advantages based on project requirements.

Fuel and Environmental Considerations

Energy Source

Choose between plants that run on different energy sources, such as natural gas, diesel, or coal, based on your availability and environmental concerns.

Emissions Control

Verify that the plant incorporates effective emissions control systems to minimize environmental impact and comply with local regulations. In AIMIX, there are two kinds of dust removal systems for choices:

  • Gravity dust removal + Bag dust removal
  • Gravity dust removal + Water dust removal

Gravity dust removal+Bag dust removal
Gravity dust removal + Bag dust removal
Gravity dust removal+Water dust removal
Gravity dust removal + Water dust removal


Compare the upfront costs of different asphalt batch plants and determine whether lit fits within your budget. In AIMIX Group, the price of asphalt batch plant mainly is determined by the capacity. Capacity is larger, the price is more expensive. Check the asphalt batch mix plant price lists below:

  • ALQ40-ALQ80: $220,000-$370,000
  • ALQ100-ALQ160: $420,000-$560,000
  • ALQ200-ALQ320: $710,000-$1220,000
  • ALYQ60-ALYQ100: $270,000-$380,000
  • ALYQ120-ALYQ160: $440,000-$600,000

If you want to know the price of the exact model, welcome to contact us for the latest quotation! Contact us through the following inquiry chart. Or email, telephone, and WhatsApp us right now! Later our sales team will reply to you as soon as possible!

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