Asphalt Hot Mix Plant

Asphalt hot mix plant is popular machinery for road construction. However, what is hot mix plant? It is is used to produce the asphalt concrete mixture through mixing hot asphalt binder (bitumen) with hot aggregates (such as sand, gravel, and crushed stone). The “hot” in “hot mix” refers to the elevated temperature at which both the asphalt binder and aggregates are maintained during the mixing process. In general, the mixture temperatures ranges from 150°C to 180°C. Apart from hot mix asphalt mixture, there are other two kinds of mixture, including warm mix and cold mix mixture. Let’s check the temperatures of different kinds of asphalt mixtures first.

Asphalt Hot Mix Plant

Three Kinds Of Asphalt Mixture Temperatures

Asphalt mixtures can be categorized into three types based on variations in mixing and paving temperatures: hot mix asphalt mixture, cold mix asphalt mixture, and warm mix asphalt mixture.

Hot Mix Asphalt Mixture

This type of mixture necessitates elevated temperatures throughout both its preparation and construction phases. Typically, bituminous mixtures are formulated at temperatures that fall within the range of 150°C to 180°C. When it comes to the actual laying process, construction temperatures typically range from 120°C to 160°C.

Hot Mix Asphalt Mixture
Hot Mix Asphalt Mixture

Warm Mix Asphalt Mixture

Warm mix asphalt falls between hot mix and cold mix variations, as it involves a lower construction temperature while still requiring a controlled heating process. Typically, its preparation temperature ranges from 110°C to 130°C, while the construction phase is carried out within a range of 90°C to 120°C.

Warm Mix Asphalt Mixture
Warm Mix Asphalt Mixture
cold mix asphalt
Cold Mix Asphalt Mixture

Cold Mix Asphalt Mixture

Cold mix asphalt mixtures are distinct in that they don’t necessitate high temperatures and are typically prepared at or near room temperature, often with slight heating. The preparation temperature range typically falls between 15°C and 40°C. The cold mix process involves the use of special binders and additives to combine asphalt with aggregates at these lower temperatures.

Therefore, the clients can choose the suitable asphalt plant types according to the temperatures of asphalt mixture. In this discussion, I will concentrate on presenting information related to hot mix asphalt plants, such as its applications, types, components, advantages, features, hot mix plant specification, working of hot mix plant, etc. Fiest, let’s check wide applications of the AIMIX hot mix plants for sale.

Wide Applications of Asphalt Hot Mix Plant

Since 2010, AIMIX has exported over 60 units of hot mix plants to global customers. The hot mix asphalt plants have covered in these countries, like Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Russia, Paraguay, Brazil, Algeria, Pakistan, Botswana, Nigeria, Singapore, etc. They are widely applied for different kinds of projects, including highways, airports, harbors, urban and rural roads, parking lots, and other paved surfaces. You can check some cases below.

ALQ120 Hot Mix Batching Plant For Urban Road Construction

  • Put into use time: Dec. 2022
  • Project: urban road construction
  • Customer reviews: “AIMIX products are of high quality, with minimal failures during hot mix asphalt plant operations. The performance of hmp plant remains consistently stable. Moreover, AIMIX’s service team is known for their friendly, patient, and efficient support, ensuring a quick and smooth installation and testing process.”

ALQ120 Asphalt Hot Mix Plant Working In Malaysia

ALQ120 Hot Asphalt Mix Plant Working In Malaysia

ALQ80 Hot Mix Plant for Road Construction – Highway

  • Installation time: April 2023
  • Project: highway construction
  • Customer reviews: “I’m grateful to the AIMIX local service team for their on-site installation and commissioning work, which they completed within a remarkably short period of one month. AIMIX hot asphalt plant has proven to be highly dependable, and I would happily suggest it to my friends who are considering purchasing an hot mix asphalt plant near me.”

ALQ80 Asphalt Batch Mix Plant for Highway Construction in Indonesia

ALQ80 Asphalt Mixing Plant for Highway Construction in Indonesia

ALT60 Hot Drum Mix Plant For Airport Runways Construction

  • Project: airport runways construction
  • Customer reviews: “The delivery of hot mix plant near me was punctual and exceptionally dependable, which contributed to the seamless advancement of our project. I’ve successfully completed one of my airport runway projects and intend to utilize the hot asphalt plant near me for upcoming endeavors, such as road repairs.”

ALT60 Drum Mix Plant for Airport Runway Construction

ALYJ60 Simple Batch Hotmix Plant For County Road Construction

  • Project: country road construction
  • Customer reviews: “AIMIX hot mix plant manufacturer offers a highly adaptable layout tailored to our project requirements, along with the associated equipment and services. Their expert team, well-versed in the hot mix plant process, offered precise technical guidance and solutions. Their service approach was exemplary, with prompt responsiveness to our needs and the provision of effective solutions. “

ALYJ60 simple batch mix plant in the Philippines

Asphalt Mix Plant Simple
Installing Plant on Site
ALYJ60 Aspahlt Batch Plant
ALYJ60 Aspahalt Batching Plant

As the cases show, clients have bought different kinds of asphalt hot mix plants for their road construction projects. In the market, there are different kinds of asphalt plants for sale according to various standards of division. Check its classifications below.

Classifications of Hot Mix Plants

Hot mix plants, which are used in the production of hot mix asphalt (HMA), can be classified into several categories based on their size, capacity, and mode of operation. The primary classifications of hot mix plants include:

1. In terms of the technical process, the asphalt hot mix plant for sale has drum type hot mix plant and batch type hot mix plant.

  • The batch mix asphalt plants produce HMA in batches. In these plants, each batch of asphalt mixture is made individually, and the process involves precise measurement of each material, including aggregates and asphalt binder. Batch hot mix asphalt plants near me are known for their accuracy and flexibility in producing different types of asphalt mixtures. They are suitable for small to medium-sized projects.
  • ALT series drum mix asphalt plants produce HMA continuously. The aggregates are dried and heated in a rotating drum, and then the hot asphalt binder is added to the mix. Drum mix plants are known for their simple design and are commonly used for small and medium construction projects, especially for small road repairing.

Batch Mix Hot Asphalt Plant
Batch Mix Hot Asphalt Plant
Drum Type Hot Mix Plant
Drum Type Hot Mix Plant

2. For the transport mode, there are stationary central hot mix plant and mobile asphalt plant.

  • The hot mix mobile plant is designed for easy transport and setup at construction sites. It is often used for temporary or remote projects where the transportation of hot mix asphalt is challenging. Mobile hot bitumen mix plant can be either batch type (ALYQ series) or drum mix type(ALYT series).
  • ALYQ Series Mobile Batch Mix Asphalt Plant
    ALYQ Series Mobile Batch Mix Asphalt Plant
    ALYT Series Mobile Drum Mix Plant
    ALYT Series Mobile Drum Mix Plant

  • ALQ series stationary hot mix asphalt equipment is also known as a fixed or permanent asphalt plant, is an industrial facility designed for the production of hot mix asphalt (HMA) in a fixed location. It is set up at a specific location and remain there for an extended period. AIMIX hot mix plant capacity has wide ranges from 40 t/h to 320 t/h. Among them, 80, 100, and 120 t/h are well-received among gloal customers. Because they can be used for medium and large projects, like highways, freeway, urban expressway, urban arterial road, and state road.
  • ALQ Stationary Asphalt Plant
    ALQ Stationary Asphalt Plant

3. According to the production capacity, the hot mix asphalt plant for sale has mini, medium, and large types.

  • Capacity of 120 t/h to 320 t/h belongs to a large hot asphalt mixing plant;
  • 60 t/h to 100 t/h is a medium hot mix asphalt plant;
  • Under 60t is mini asphalt mix plant.

160t Large Asphalt Mixing Plant
160t Large Asphalt Mixing Plant
80t Medium Asphalt Hot Mix Plant
80t Medium Asphalt Hot Mix Plant
30t Small Asphalt Hot Mix Drum Plant
30t Small Asphalt Hot Mix Drum Plant

Specifications of Hot Mix Plants

ALQ Series Stationary Asphalt Plant – Batch Type

Cold Aggregate Feeding System
Hopper Capacity(m)4*4.54*6.54*7.54*7.54*7.55*125*125*126*15
Collect Belt Capacity(t/h)6080100120140200220280360
Aggregate Dryer
Dryer Size(m)φ1.2*5.2φ1.5*6φ1.5*6.7φ1.65*7φ1.8*8φ2.2*9φ2.6*9φ2.6*9.5φ2.8*10.2
Dryer Capacity (t/h)6080100120140180240260360
Fuel Max Consumption(kg/h)3004505507009501200140017002250
Mixing Tower
Vibrating Screen(Layer)444445556
Aggregate Metering hopper(kg)5008001000130015002000250030004000
Mineral Flour Metering hopper (kg)120150200200300300320600700
Bitumen Metering hopper (kg)100120150150250250250480500
Weighing accuracyaggregate:±0.5% Mineral Flour:±0.25% Bitumen:±0.25%aggregate:±0.5% Mineral Flour:±0.25% Bitumen:±0.25%aggregate:±0.5% Mineral Flour:±0.25% Bitumen:±0.25%aggregate:±0.5% Mineral Flour:±0.25% Bitumen:±0.25%aggregate:±0.5% Mineral Flour:±0.25% Bitumen:±0.25%aggregate:±0.5% Mineral Flour:±0.25% Bitumen:±0.25%aggregate:±0.5% Mineral Flour:±0.25% Bitumen:±0.25%aggregate:±0.5% Mineral Flour:±0.25% Bitumen:±0.25%aggregate:±0.5% Mineral Flour:±0.25% Bitumen:±0.25%
Mixer Capacity(kg)5008001000125015002000250030004000
Cycle Time(s)454545454545454545
Dust filter (Bag dust filter)
Filter Area(m2) 23030042048055065070010501350
Draught Fan(kw)22304555901102*752*902*110
Asphalt Temperature (⊥)140-180140-180140-180140-180140-180140-180140-180140-180140-180
Finish Asphalt storage silo(ton)20/5020/5020/506060120120/200
Total power (kw) 170200300350380490550670865

ALYQ Series Mobile Asphalt Plant – Batch Type

Output (t/h)6080100120160
Cold Aggregate Feeding System
Hopper Capacity(m)4*6.54*7.54*7.54*7.55*8
Collect Belt Capacity (t/h)80100120140180
Aggregate Dryer
Dryer Size(m)φ1.5*6φ1.5*6.7φ1.65*7φ1.8*8φ1.9*9
Dryer Capacity(t/h)80100120140180
Fuel Max Consumption(kg/h)4505507009501200
Mixing Tower
Vibrating Screen (Layer)44444
Aggregate Metering hopper(kg)8001000130015002000
Mineral Flour Metering hopper(kg)150200200300300
Bitumen Metering hopper(kg)120150150250250
Weighing accuracyaggregate:±0.5% Mineral Flour:±0.25% Bitumen:±0.25%aggregate:±0.5% Mineral Flour:±0.25% Bitumen:±0.25%aggregate:±0.5% Mineral Flour:±0.25% Bitumen:±0.25%aggregate:±0.5% Mineral Flour:±0.25% Bitumen:±0.25%aggregate:±0.5% Mineral Flour:±0.25% Bitumen:±0.25%
Mixer Capacity(kg)8001000125015002000
Cycle Time(s)4545454545
Dust filter(Bag dust filter)
Filter Area(m2)300420480550650
Draught Fan (kw)30455590110
Asphalt Temperature (⊥)140-180140-180140-180140-180140-180
Total power(kw)200300350380490

ALT Series Drum Type Asphalt Plant

Output (t/h)20406080100
PowerFuel Oil(kw)3465105135170
PowerBurning Coal (kw)4075120165200
Cold Aggregate Feeding System3.5m3*14m3*44m3*46.5m3*46.5m3*4
Finihnsed Asphalt Storage Bin (t)33779
Asphalt Temperature (℃)120-180120-180120-180120-180120-180
Fuel ConsumptionFuel Ol (kg/t)5-7.55-7.55-7.55-7.55-7.5
Fuel ConsumptionBuning Coal(kg/t)13-1513-1513-1513-1513-15
Asphalt Tank (t)1020303035
Control Room(m)2.22.2333.5
OptionBag Dust FilterBag Dust FilterBag Dust FilterBag Dust FilterBag Dust FilterBag Dust Filter

Features and Advantages of Hot Mix Plants

  • 1. The drying and heating system adopts two kinds of burners for choice. The burner can ensure high heating performance and sufficient fuel combustion.
  • 2. Many components of the hot mix plant for sale have equipped with noise reducing devices, which can reduce noise pollution during construction process.
  • 3. The mixing tower of batch type solid hot mix plant adopts efficient mixing system with high productivity. The optimized structure can ensure high mixing quality.
  • 4. AIMIX mobile mini hot mix plant adopts advanced electric control system. The system improves the automation degree of machine. The components of electric control system all adopt famous domestic brands and overseas brands, which have features of good performance, high reliability and long life span.
  • 5.The water and bag dust collector can ensure dust emission in accordance with environment standard, which can protect environment. The fine and coarse dust is reused in production process, which improves material availability.
  • 6. The asphalt hot mix plant near me has automatic diagnosis function, which can eliminate failures timely to ensure smooth running.

The above only introduces the features and advantages of some of the components of the asphalt station. If you want to know more details about the components of the asphalt hot mix plant near me, please check them the following paragraphs.

Parts of Aimix Hot Mix Plant

1. Cold aggregate supply units

Our cold aggregate consists of hopper, feeding machine, aggregate conveying belt etc. The feeding machine is equipped with frequency control device.

The device can automatically control feeding speed in synchronous proportion, which is convenient, reliable and safe.

The filter screen in mounted on the conveying belt to rule out bigger size of cold aggregate, which can reduce unnecessary heat loss in the following production process.

Cold Aggregate Bins

2. Dryer drum

After the cold aggregate enters the dryer drum, the burner will provide heat source to heat the cold aggregate.

The moisture of aggregate will dry in high temperature. The outside of dryer drum has insulating layer to keep temperature stable.

Drying drum

3. Weighing system

Hot aggregate weighing device adopts international well-known Mettle-toledo weigh sensor, which can measure accurately and compensate error automatically.

Reasonable weighing order can prevent partial load. Mineral weighing hopper has pressure relief and arch broken devices.

The outlet of measuring screw conveyor has a quick pneumatic butterfly valve with small impulse. The insulating layer is set on the asphalt weighing tank.

The tank body, spray pump and conveying pipe are insulated with conduction oil. Asphalt can be measured twice times to ensure accurate and stable asphalt-aggregate ratio.

4. Lifting system

The hoister is used to transport the hot aggregate to the upper of the mixing tower.

A hopper in lifting system can avoid less abrasion with the high strength plate chain hoister.

The hoister adopts anti-weary materials to prolong its service life.

lifting system

5. Mixing system

The hot asphalt mix plant isn’t equipped with separate mixing bin. The mixing process is carried out in the dry mixer drum.

The drying and mixing process are simultaneously conducted in the same device. The inner side of dry mixer drum has small mixing blades, which can blend the aggregate, filler and asphalt evenly.

The equipped safety protection device can realize quick break under emergency conditions. The mixing blades and liners of the asphalt mixer are high wear-resistant with long service life.

Mixing system

6. Filler supply

The bottom of old and new powder silo has arch broken device, which can prevent powder arching efficiently and ensure uniform and continuous powder supply.

Vertical and modularity powder silo can be installed and transported quickly. The outlet of silo has manual valve, which is convenient to maintain.

7. Asphalt supply

The asphalt tank and pipes has insulating layer with small heat loss. The asphalt is installed liquid level and temperature display device, which is convenient to operate.

The complete automatic control system of conduction oil furnace can be operated independently.

Asphalt tank

8. Finished products storage system(Optional)

The finished products storage bin has insulating layer to reduce the heat loss. The modular design of storage bin can achieve quick installation.

The discharge door is heated and insulated through electricity to avoid material bond.

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