Asphalt Mixer Machine

Asphalt mixer machine manufactured by Aimix Group is mainly for heating and mixing waste asphalt mixture, which can be recycling and turning waste into treasure. Moreover, it also can heat and mix a small amount of new asphalt mixture in proportion. Many customers prefer to buy this mobile asphalt mixer to repair asphalt road pothole. In addition, it is available used for paving colored asphalt pavements and small-faced courtyards. More importantly, the mixer doesn’t have temperature and remote mountainous areas affect and by large-scale asphalt mixing stations restriction. Therefore, it is deserved to put into use with lower investment.

Aimix Asphalt Mixer Machine
Aimix Asphalt Mixer Machine
Mobile Asphalt Mixer
Mobile Asphalt Mixer

Asphalt Mixer Portable
Asphalt Mixer Portable

Asphalt Mixer Machine Components

The asphalt mixer is an simple mixing machine which consists of components: diesel generator, heat melting tank, motor, aggregate lifting hopper, air pump, mixing drum, electric control system, burner, remark frame, dust removal fan and tank and water pump. Here are pictures of its structure. You can have a better understanding of it.

Components of Asphalt Mixer
Components of Asphalt Mixer
Asphalt Mixing Equipment Components
Asphalt Mixing Equipment Components

Main Application

The asphalt mixers can mix the new asphalt for road maintenance, also can be applicable for old asphalt recycling: stacking, storing, heating and mixing.

The electric start diesel generator set solves the problem of electricity use in the field. The road can be repaired at any time and place. After the work is completed, the road can access to ensure smooth road.

Asphalt Mixer Application
Asphalt Mixer Application
Portable Asphalt Mixer
Portable Asphalt Mixer


Item Configuration Specification
Generator set Model 30kw/ALS-5
Diesel engine power 30kw/ Weifang4100D
Mixer drum Mixing capacity T/batch 1
Mixing time Min/batch 10-15min/batch
Output temperature Kg/T 3-4
Mixing drum M3 3.88
Oil burner RG5S
Feeding hopper M3 350kg
Other feature Bitumen tank L 800L
Conduct oil tank L 200
Drum material Double manganese plate
Rock wool thickness mm 50
Hot melt kettle 4 layers, each layer is 5cm.

from the inside to the outside it is asphalt oil layer, the conduct oil layer, the fire layer, the rock wool layer

Total weight 4.5T
Outsize (mm) 6*2.1*2.65

Advantages of Asphalt Mixer for Sale

1. Module design, quick and convenient installation;

2. The design of the mixing blade is unique. Besides, the mixing cylinder driven by strong power makes it easy, reliable and efficient mixing;

3.Using variable frequency motor drive, which greatly improves the efficiency and reduces the failure rate of the equipment;

4.Water dusting is placed in the drying state and placed above the drum to reduce heat loss and save space and fuel;

5.The bottom structure of the silo is relatively opposed, thereby greatly reducing the footprint of the equipment, at the same time eliminating the space for lifting the finished material lane, and reducing the mastic asphalt mixer failure rate;

6.Lifting the aggregate and adopting double-row plate to increase the life of the hoist and improve the stability of operation;

7. Asphalt concrete mixer has adopted PLC control system with emergency stop program which make operation convenient, simple and safe.

Diesel generator
Diesel generator
Dryer Drum
Dryer Drum

High Performance of Asphalt Mixing Equipment

1. Asphalt mixing and heating dryer drum has thermal insulation layer so that heat is not easily dissipated to save energy is saved. It adopts of burner to heat the cold aggregate. The internal blades are optimally designed in a spiral arrangement, and the rotating mixture of the drum does not form a pile. Thus, the heating area is large with fast heating rate and high efficiency. The bottom unloading type is used for automatic lifting and loading, which is convenient and labor-saving. Besides, it is equipped with dust removal mechanism, energy saving and environmental protection.

2. The generator set is composed of a direct-injection, vortex combustion chamber high-speed diesel engine, a direct-connected or delta-driven generator with reliable insulation performance. It can drive work-related power tools such as electric breakers, road blowers, and road heaters. In addition, there is a secondary rubber shock-absorbing mechanism under the generator set frame to ensure no affection on vibration of the diesel engine. The main frame is very stable during work.

3. Control system: The new design adopts AI artificial intelligence control with self-tuning (AT) function. It is user-friendly for operator to observe and modify related data.

PLC control system
Control System

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