Asphalt Paver Machine Price

The asphalt paver machine price is directly related to the cost and efficiency of the road construction project. Thus, most clients or contractors would be concerned a lot about it before investing in an asphalt paver in the market. First, you need the know what parts the price consists of.

Asphalt Paver Machine Price in AIMIX

Understanding the Various Elements in Asphalt Paver Machine Price

The asphalt paver price refers to the cost of purchasing the equipment.

The total cost not only includes the asphalt paver cost itself, but may also include additional costs such as transportation, installation, training, etc.

When you get a quotation for an asphalt paver from a manufacturer, you will also get the total cost as above mentioned.

As we all know, when you request quotations from different manufacturers, the prices would vary. The manufacturer is one of the factors that can affect the prices. Let’s check some main factors influencing the asphalt paver price.

Various Elements In Asphalt Paver Machine Price

Factors Influencing Asphalt Paver Prices

Generally, the price of asphalt paver is affected by many factors, such as model specifications, brand reputation, configuration level, material selection and manufacturing process, etc. Let’s take a deeper look at how these factors affect price.

Machine Specifications

The asphalt paver machine price is significantly influenced by its specifications, especially model, size, capabilities, paving width, paving speed, etc. You also need to pay more attention to the above specifications. Different models catering to various project requirements may lead to price variations.

Item Specifications
Paving speed 0~18m/min
Paving width 2.5~6m
Paving thickness 10~250mm
Driving speed 0~18km/h
Spiral speed 0~110r/min
Diameter 350
Plate feeder speed 30m/min
Vibrator frequency 0~41Hz
Heating method Oil heating
Lubricating Automatic lubrication
Hopper capacity 14t

Brand Reputation

Renowned brands often command higher prices due to their established reputation for quality and reliability. All over the world, there are some well-known brands for choice, like AIMIX, Caterpillar, Ammann, Wirtgen, ABG, BOMAG, LeeBoy, Vogele, etc. Investing in a well-known brand can assure durability and performance.


Mobile Chassis

The type of mobile chassis a paver has is one of the key factors that determine the price. In the market, there are wheel chassis and crawler chassis for choices. The crawler asphalt paver machine price is higher than the wheeled asphalt paving machine price. Because the crawler paver manufacturing cost is relatively high due to the need for more complex manufacturing processes and stronger structures.

wheel chassis or crawler chassis

Materials and Manufacturing Processes

The quality of materials used and the sophistication of manufacturing processes impact the asphalt paving machine cost. High-quality materials and advanced manufacturing contribute to a longer lifespan and stable performance.


The configuration of the asphalt paver for sale, encompassing features like engine power and auxiliary equipment, plays a direct role in determining the overall price. If you need high-configured equipment, accordingly the price is higher.

Among all the above factors, you should prioritize the most important factor and comprehensively evaluate other factors before paving when purchasing to ensure they choose the best paver that meets their project needs and affordability. Here I will take one of the important factors as an example to briefly analyze the price.

Mobile Chassis – Crucial Factor for Price

As mentioned above, the price of tracked asphalt pavers is much higher than that of wheeled asphalt pavers. They differ in terms of cost, applicable scenarios, and performance. Here is the price analysis for them below.

  • Wheel Asphalt Paver Price Analysis:

    Lower cost: Wheeled asphalt pavers are usually relatively lightweight and have relatively low manufacturing costs, so their prices are relatively affordable.

    Suitable for smooth surfaces: Wheeled asphalt pavers are suitable for smooth roads or sites and are an affordable option for less complex projects.

    Lower Maintenance Costs: Due to the relatively simple structure of wheeled asphalt pavers, maintenance and upkeep costs are generally low.

APZ45E wheeled asphalt paver

APZ45E Wheeled Asphalt Paver

APE90 Track Asphalt Paver Equipment

APL60E Wheel Asphalt Paving Machine

  • Crawler Asphalt Paver Price Analysis:

    Strong adaptability: With its excellent adaptability, crawler asphalt paver can perform well in complex terrain and changing engineering sites. However, due to its complex design and more powerful structure, this also makes its manufacturing cost relatively high.

    Higher stability: The crawler chassis provides better stability, especially on uneven ground, and can better keep the machine running smoothly.

    Maintenance costs are relatively high: Due to the complex structure of crawler asphalt paving equipment, its maintenance and upkeep costs are relatively high.

Comprehensive Comparison

If the project site is relatively flat and the budget is limited, a wheeled asphalt paving machine is an economical and practical choice.

If the project requires better stability, adaptability to different terrains, and the budget allows, crawler asphalt paver for sale is more suitable.

Therefore, the choice of mobile chassis type is not only related to the performance but also directly affects the price. Informed decisions need to be made based on specific project needs and budget.

How to Calculate For The Asphalt Paver Machine Price?

The price of asphalt paving machine consists of different parts. Thus, if you want to calculate it, please consider prices from different parts. Check them below.

Base Machine Price

The asphalt paver manufacturers establish the base price, taking into account factors such as production costs, raw material expenses, and initial manufacturing processes. Thus, the clients need to carefully assess the base machine price as it forms the foundation of the overall cost of the asphalt paver.

Configuration Costs

Configurations can be customized based on the client’s requirements, such as upgrades to the engine, screed width adjustments, automation features, etc.

The added configuration would increase the total cost of asphalt pavers.

paving asphalt
asphalt paver price in AIMIX

Operating and Maintenance Costs

In addition to the initial purchase price, buyers should consider the long-term operating and maintenance costs. The manufacturer generally offers a one-year warranty for the equipment. Thus, the clients also need to consider the expenses related to routine maintenance and potential repairs.

In addition, the efficiency of fuel consumption and the durability of components can significantly affect the overall cost of ownership over the lifespan of the asphalt paver.

Additional Fees

Additional fees, such as transportation costs, installation charges, and training fees, should also be factored into the total cost.

By considering the above prices, the clients can optimize their investment in line with project requirements and budget constraints. If you still have questions, welcome to consult our sales for help. Or leave your email and tel through the following form, and our sales will contact you later.

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