Asphalt Pavers

Asphalt pavers play an integral role in the road construction and repairing. They spread a prefabricated asphalt mixture evenly over the ground to create a strong, smooth and durable road surface.

AIMIX asphalt pavers

With the road construction develpment in the world, the asphalt paver machine for sale in AIMIX have been used for many fields. Let’s delve into more info about its application below.

Application Fields of Asphalt Pavers

The asphalt paving equipment for sale has wide applications in a variety of transportation and infrastructure construction projects as follows:

  • Road Construction: widely used in the construction of new roads, highways, urban streets and rural roads.
  • Road maintenance and repairing: used to cover and repair road surfaces when existing roads need to be patched, repaved or improved.
  • Airport runway construction and maintenance: solid and smooth pavement to ensure safe takeoff and landing of aircraft.
  • Parking Lots and Sidewalks: providing smooth driving and walking surfaces for vehicles and pedestrians.
  • Ground paving: laying asphalt mixture on the ground in industrial areas, warehouses and logistics centers, etc.

Application Fields Of Asphalt Pavers

However, different areas of application require different types of asphalt paving machines, as different projects may require different paving widths, working speeds, paving thicknesses, and other features and specifications. Next, please explore what kind of asphalt paving machine AIMIX provide in the follwing parapraphs.

Types of Asphalt Pavers

In AIMIX Group, wheel asphalt paver and track asphalt paver are two common choices. Each of them has specific advantages. In addition, there are different asphalt paver models for reference. Check them below.

Wheeled Asphalt Paving Machine – Hydraulic & Telescopic

The wheel asphalt paver is a series of internationally advanced road machine developed and produced by our company based on the introduction of foreign advanced manufacturing technology and through nearly 30 years of innovation and development.

The whole asphalt paving machine for sale has features of compact structure, easy operation, good construction quality and high operating efficiency. It is suitable for asphalt paving operations on highways, urban roads, parking lots, squares and other projects. It is one of the ideal asphalt road construction machines.

AIMIX asphalt paver manufacturer has developed several models of wheel asphalt pavers near me, including APZ45E, APZ60E, APL45E, and APL60E. You can check asphalt paver machine specifications of them below.

APZ45E wheeled asphalt paver

APZ45E Wheeled Asphalt Paver

APL60E wheel asphalt paving machine

APL60E Wheel Asphalt Paving Machine

Track Asphalt Paver – Telescopic & Multifunctional

The machine gets its name from the tracks on which it moves, providing stability and traction on various types of terrain. Sometimes, it is also named after crawler asphalt paver in the market.

Whether it is building new roads, maintaining existing pavements, or constructing in complex terrain conditions, crawler asphalt pavers have unique advantages compared with wheel type new asphalt pavers for sale.

In AIMIX, we mainly supply two models of track skid steer asphalt pavers – APE75 and APE90. It is popular and hot-sale among clients all over the world.

APE75 Track Asphalt Paver

APE75 Track Asphalt Paver

APE90 Track Asphalt Paver Equipment

APE90 Track Asphalt Paver Equipment

If you do not know which one is more suitable for your road construction, please further some suggestions.

Wheel Asphalt Paver or Track Asphalt Paver – Your Best Bet?

The choice between wheeled or tracked asphalt paving machine for sale often depends on the specific requirements of the project and the nature of the road surface. Here are some comparisons and applicability considerations between the two:

Wheel Asphalt Paver Or Track Asphalt Paver - Choose Which one

  • Terrain and Stability

    Tracked type: Tracked asphalt pavers are more adaptable to uneven or unstable terrain due to their track system. The tracks provide a wider contact area, giving them better stability on soft or uneven ground.

    Wheel type: The wheeled pavers generally perform better on relatively flat, solid road surfaces and are better suited for road paving projects that require a high degree of smoothness.

  • Road Type

    Crawler type: Suitable for road projects that require greater traction and greater adaptability to terrain, such as mountainous roads or construction projects that need to pass through soft foundations.

    Wheeled type: Wheeled type may be more common on relatively flat and stable road surfaces, such as residential roads, industrial roads, parking lots, city streets, urban roads, or highways.

  • Flexibility

    Tracked Paver: Due to the track design, this type of all in one asphalt paving machine is more maneuverable in tight work areas or difficult terrain.

    Wheeled Pavers: Wheeled asphalt pavers for sale near me may be easier to maneuver on a relatively open, flat job site.

  • Surface Quality

    Tracked Pavers: Due to their adaptability to different terrains, tracked pavers may be superior at creating high-quality, smooth road surfaces.

    Wheeled Pavers: In applications where less smoothness is required, wheeled pavers can be an economical and effective option.

Based on the above details, you can make a preliminary decision on which type to choose. If you are still confused about this, please contact us. We will evaluate based on specific engineering needs, terrain conditions and requirements for road surface quality, and then provide professional purchasing advice.

Factors You Need to Take Into Account On Suitable Asphalt Paver Choice

If you are a new starter in the asphalt paving industry, you should consider serveral factors before getting a best machine. You can consider factors from two aspects: equipment and project. Check these factors below:

  • Considering Aspahlt Paving Machine Itself

    Type and size

    Choose the appropriate type of asphalt paver, such as wheeled or tracked, depending on the size and requirements of the project. Know the dimensions of your paver to make sure it can fit within the project’s space constraints.

    Main performance

    Make sure the paver has enough power to handle different types and thicknesses of asphalt layers. And focus on performance parameters including maximum working speed and asphalt laying width.

    Asphalt tank capacity

    Understand the capacity of the asphalt tank to ensure that the asphalt demand of the project can be met and reduce the number of asphalt additions midway.

    asphalt paving machine for sale

    asphalt paver machines

  • From the Road Project Perspective

    Project size and type

    Determine the size and type of project to select the ideal asphalt paving equipment that fits the needs of the project.

    Construction speed and progress

    Choose the best asphalt paver with the appropriate speed and efficiency based on the project schedule and budget.

    Quality and flatness requirements

    Determine the road surface smoothness and quality requirements for the project and select an asphalt concrete paver that can meet these standards.

    Budget and Maintenance Considerations

    Select one at best asphalt paver price. More importantly, ensure the asphalt paver machine price within the project budget and consider the cost of maintenance.

    asphalt pavers for road paving projects

    asphalt pavers for rural road construction

Among the above factors, the budget is the most decisive factor. If the budget is enough, the clients can easily get asphalt paver finisher for project. Therefore, before buying an asphalt paver, it is necessary for clients to know some information about its price.

Asphalt Paver Price in AIMIX

The asphalt paver cost maybe vary among different asphalt pavers manufacturers. Thus, you need do some research on asphalt paving machine cost. Here I mainly introduce the prices in AIMIX asphalt paver company.

Best Asphalt pavers in AIMIX

  • 1. The asphalt paving pricing is more competitive and reasonable compared with that in other asphalt pavers manufacturers. Becaues we have our own factory to offer best ex-factory price.
  • 2. AIMIX track asphalt paving machine price is higher than the wheel type due to the high configure and cost of its chassis.
  • 3. Main asphalt paver parts all adopt the foreign famous brands with longer service and lower failure rate. Therefore, the maintanance price for asphalt paver spare parts can lower.
  • 4. As we all know, the total cost of asphalt paver is relative higher. The asphalt paving machine price in AIMIX is at least $100, 000.

However, the prices are vary in various models. If you want to get the exact price, welcome to consult our sale for further discussion. Leave your contact in the following form. Or email and WhatsApp us directly.

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