Asphalt Plant for Sale in South Africa

Asphalt plant for sale in South Africa is hot now due to large demand for local road construction projects. With the modern development of economy, it is necessary to make big investment in constructions, especially road constructions. Based on the good relationship between China and South Africa, China asphalt plant manufacturers, including AIMIX Group, has exported so many units of asphalt plants there.

Asphalt Plant for Sale in South Africa

With features of high quality and perfect performance, AIMIX asphalt mixing plant have been widely used for road construction projects, like industrial roads, airport runways and taxiways, expressways, freeways, highways, etc. Let’s browse which projects have AIMIX asphlat plant been applied to as follows.

Wide Applications of Asphalt Mixing Plants

Since 2010, AIMIX has exported quantities of asphalt mixing plants to global users. And the asphalt mixer plants have been covered in these countries, like South Africa, Nigeria, Tanzania, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Uzbekistan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Russia, Paraguay, Algeria, Brazil, etc. Here I have listed some cases for reference.

80 t Stationary Asphalt Mix Plant in Indonesia
120 t Asphalt Mixing Plant in Malaysia
80 t Asphalt Mixing Plant In Uzbekistan
60 t Mobile Asphalt Mixer Plant in The Philippines

80 t Stationary Asphalt Mix Plant in Indonesia

ALQ80 Stationary Asphalt Plant for County Road Construction in Indonesia

120 t Stationary Asphalt Plant in Malaysia

120 t/h Stationary Asphalt Plant for Urban Road Construction in Malaysia

80 t Asphalt Mix Plant In Uzbekistan

80 t/h Asphalt Mix Plant for Road Paving In Uzbekistan

60 t Mobile Asphalt Mix Plant in The Philippines

60 t/h Mobile Asphalt Mix Plant for Rural Road Construction in The Philippines

As above cases show, there are different kinds of asphalt mixing plants working on-site. These are what AIMIX has manufactured to meet global clients’ construction demands. Before getting a ideal one from AIMIX Group for road construction business, it is necessary to know the types clearly. The following description can help you understand AIMIX asphalt plants for sale in South Africa.

Offering Kinds of Asphalt Plants for Sale in South Africa

In order to meet local construction requirements, Aimix has provided three kinds of asphalt plants for sale in South Africa, including batch mix type and drum mix type. Also, there are some different models for choices in AIMIX. Check them below.

Here I would introduce them according to the models one by one for reference:

  • ALQ series: capacity about 40t/h ~ 320t/h; fully automatic type; better for large construction site; designed for long-term use at a fixed location; with high production capacity, suitable for large-scale road construction projects, like highways, expressways, urban roads, rural roads, airport runways, etc.
  • ALYQ series: capacity from 40t/h to 160 t/h; batch mix type; equipped with movable trailer, convenient to change construction sites. designed to be more flexible and versatile, making it suitable for temporary or remote construction sites;
  • ALT series: capacity ranging from 20t/h to 80 t/h; drum mix type asphalt plant; simple working process, drying and mixing in the same dryer drum; known for low maintenance requirements; suitable for a range of road construction projects, including urban roads, rural and local roads, environmental projects, repair and maintenance projects, as well as temporary and remote projects.
ALQ series Asphalt Plant for Sale in South Africa

ALQ series stationary asphalt plant

ALYQ series mobile Asphalt Plant for Sale in South Africa

ALYQ series mobile asphalt plant

ALT series Asphalt Plant for Sale in South Africa

ALT series drum mix plant

Considerate After-sales Service for Clients

Clients are concerned about asphalt plant after-sales service because they want ongoing support and assistance once they’ve bought the equipment. This support ensures that the plant operates smoothly, any issues are quickly resolved, and their investment remains productive. Good after-sales service includes technical help, timely maintenance, spare parts availability, and operator training. Check what AIMIX would provide for clients:

asphalt mixing plant after-sales service

  • Installation and commissioning: AIMIX would offer assistance in setting up and installing the asphalt mixing plant correctly. This might involve providing technical guidance, dispatching engineers for on-site support, or providing detailed installation manuals.
  • Training: Proper training is essential for the operators and maintenance personnel to operate and maintain the asphalt mixing plant efficiently and safely. AIMIX would offer training sessions to ensure that the plant is operated effectively.
  • Technical support: Customers might face technical issues or questions during the operation of the asphalt mixing plant in South Africa. AIMIX can provide technical support to address these concerns promptly and effectively.
  • service for asphalt mixing plant in sri lanka

  • Maintenance and Repair Services: AIMIX after-sales service staff could provide maintenance and repair services either directly or through authorized service centers to ensure the longevity and optimal performance.
  • Spare Parts: Asphalt mixing plants consist of various components and parts that might need replacement over time. AIMIX may have a system for providing customers with genuine spare parts to keep the plants running smoothly.
  • Warranty: AIMIX offers a warranty period during which they would be responsible for addressing any manufacturing defects or issues with the equipment. The terms and duration of the warranty is one year.

About Us

  • Aimix Group, one of famous asphalt plant manufacturers South Africa, has focused on this fields for decades. We have embraced advanced manufacturing technology for asphalt plants. Aimix is confident to offer best products for customers.
  • Until now, we have more than 1000 staff, including officer, factory worker, engineer, sales etc. A big family are devoted to serving our customers.
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  • In order to improve customer experience, we have established 6 LBS centers in Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia, Uzbekistan and Philippines. Besides, we are looking forward to building over 50 offices all over the world.
  • What’s more, we have considerate after-sale service team to ensure best reputation. Once there is something wrong with our machine within warranty, we will be free to solve the problems. Anyway, best service is offered to you.

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