Asphalt Plant in Sri Lanka

Asphalt plant in Sri Lanka has been applicable for different kinds of construction projects, such as highways, municipal administration path, airports, harbors, and wharf. Therefore, in local places, there are a lot of contractors seeking for best asphalt plant for sale in Sri Lanka.

Asphalt Plant in Sri Lanka

However, it is not easy for them to opt for a quality one among so many Sri Lanka machinery manufacturers. As far as I am concerned, the first thing is to make it certain to find a reliable asphalt plant manufacturer in the market, such as Aimix Group, trustworthy plant manufacturer there. AIMIX has exported asphalt plants to the Sri Lanka market. You can check one of the cases below.

Exporting and Installing ALQ100 Asphalt Plant in Sri Lanka

Manufacturing and Exporting:

  • After confirming with the clients about the model, components, and highway construction project details, AIMIX Group started to manufacture it in the factory. Due to the large size of the ALQ series asphalt mixing plant, it took about over one month to finish the production. Then the engineers would assemble and test it to ensure performance and quality. Last, we would be apart it into components and load them into the containers.
  • Upon completion of the manufacturing and testing processes, the ALQ100 asphalt plant was prepared for export. This intricate logistical operation encompassed packaging, securing, and transporting the plant components from AIMIX’s facilities to the port of departure, all executed with meticulous care to ensure the plant’s integrity during transit.

manufacturing asphalt plant in Sri lanka
asphalt mixing plant manufacturing in factory
asphalt plant production before exporting to sri lanka

Installation On-Site:

  • Upon reaching the shores of Sri Lanka, the ALQ100 asphalt plant embarked on the next phase of its journey: on-site installation. AIMIX’s team of experienced engineers and technicians collaborated seamlessly with local construction partners to install it successfully.
  • The on-site installation encompassed a range of critical tasks, including foundation preparation, structural assembly, and integration of various components. AIMIX’s technical expertise and comprehensive project management ensured that the installation process proceeded smoothly, adhering to strict timelines and quality benchmarks.
  • After meticulous planning and coordination, the ALQ100 asphalt plant was put into use normally. It can produce 100 t asphalt mixture per hour. Check the working video below.

asphalt plant installation
installing asphalt mixing plant
installing aimix asphalt plant

Three Kinds of Asphalt Plants in Sri Lanka

In Aimix, we can supply customers with three kinds of asphalt plants Sri Lanka, including ALQ series stationary batch mix type, ALYQ series mobile batch mix type, and ALT series drum mix type for selecting. Besides, capacities from 10 t/h to 320 t/h are available among them. Thus, there is a wide range of choices. Check them one by one below.

ALQ series asphalt plant – 40 ~ 320 t/h

This kind of stationary asphalt plant Sri Lanka has a wide capacity, from 40 t/h to 320 t/h. It is installed on construction sites, which is not convenient to move on spots. It has a modular design and reasonable structure, which can assemble quickly. With stable performance, it has a longer service life.

ALQ series asphalt plants
ALQ series stationary asphalt plant

ALYQ series Asphalt Mix Plant

The mobile asphalt plant for sale with moderate capacity is more suitable for medium road construction projects. Generally, the mobile plant needs to convert construction spots. Therefore, with convenient chassis, it can be dragged through a tractor. Capacity options include 40, 60, 100, 120, and 160 t/h.

ALYQ series mobile asphalt plant
ALYQ series mobile asphalt plant

ALT series Drum Asphalt Mixing Plant

It is also named after the continuous asphalt mixing plant Sri Lanka. The main reason is that the drum mix plant can ensure produce asphalt mixture continuously. Without alone asphalt mixer, the whole drying and mixing processes are carried out in a dryer drum, which can help save production time.

ALT series Drum Asphalt Plant
ALT series Drum Asphalt Plant

Why Choose Sri Lankan Asphalt Plant from Aimix?

We can imagine that there are so many asphalt plants for sale in the market. While customers would be puzzled about why to use Aimix asphalt plant? What are the advantages and benefits? What about its quality and after-sales service? How about its price? Here I have listed some reasons.

  • 1. Different kinds of asphalt plants and wide range capacities for selection. Moreover, we can help customize asphalt plant parts according to your construction needs. For example, optional components aren’t your necessary purchase.
  • 2. Having adopted imported electric components, the asphalt equipment can prolong its life span.
  • 3. CE and ISO certificates have been gained. Therefore, the quality of the asphalt plant can be ensured.
  • CE certificate of asphalt plant

  • 5. We have exported several asphalt hot mix plants to Sri Lanka. Most of them keep working on sites. So if necessary, we can guide your visit to sites before making orders.
  • 6. Aimix has established overseas offices in Sri Lanka. In addition, an LBS center is also available. Our sales and engineer will stay there always. Therefore, it is possible to contact us in local place. If the asphalt plant from Sri Lanka is out of work, our engineer would come to the sites for after-sales service in time. Moreover, we would come to visit customers for after-sales service four times every year. Thus, there are no worries about our after-sales service.
  • service for asphalt mixing plant in sri lanka

  • 7. About asphalt batching plant price, we can promise to provide the most reasonable price for our customers. Because in China, we have our asphalt plant factory. The asphalt mixing plant price must be affordable and attractive.

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