Asphalt Plant in The Philippines

Asphalt plant in the Philippines is essential facility that produces asphalt concrete, commonly known as asphalt or bitumen, which is used in constructing and maintaining roads, highways, airports, and other transportation infrastructure. The asphalt plants come in different sizes and capacities, ranging from small portable plants suitable for minor road repairs to larger stationary plants for major construction projects. Some of the main cities in the Philippines, such as Manila, Cebu, and Davao, have large demands for asphalt plants due to road construction and repair in these densely populated areas. Therefore, you can invest in the asphalt plant now.

Asphalt Plant in The Philippines

Best Opptunity to Invest in Asphalt Plant in the Philippines

Road construction is an important factors which can affect its development of economy. Accordingly, there is a saying that richer later, constructing road first. Therefore, we can conclude how important the road is. Here are some reasons why it is the best time to own an asphalt mixing plant for road construction. Check them below.

  • Government encouragement: The Philippine government has been actively encouraging asphalt road construction as part of its efforts to improve transportation infrastructure across the country. Roads are vital for economic development, trade, and accessibility, especially in an archipelagic nation like the Philippines.
  • Disaster preparedness and resilience: As we all know, natural disasters occur frequently in the Philippines. Well-built roads can reduce the impact of natural disasters on roads.

Therefore, it is the best time to own an asphalt mixing plant in the Philippines for road construction projects. AIMIX, as one of reliable asphalt plant suppliers, has exported over 20 untis of asphalt plants to customers. Check some cases below.

Asphalt Plants for Road Construction In Different Cities of the Philippines

100 tph Asphalt Mixing Plant For Road Construction in Manila, Philippines

  • Item: ALQ100
  • Capacit: 100 t/h
  • Projects: highway construction
  • Mixing method: batch mix type
  • Cold aggregate bin: 4 bins
  • Introduction: To expand the business on mining industry and construction industry, the client in Manila requested quotations on crushing plants and asphalt hot mix plants. The aggregated produced by crushing plant can be used as the raw materials of the asphalt mixing plant. Thus, he decided to buy them together from AIMIX Group without hesitation. We have designed its layout according to the area of his construction site. The client was satisfied with our considerate service. Here are some working pictures on-site for reference!

ALQ100 Asphalt Plant Working in The Philippines
Asphalt Plant and Crush Plant in the Philippines

60 tph Asphalt Batching Plant Working in Davao, Philippines

  • Model: ALYJ60
  • Capacit: 60 t/h
  • Projects: rural road construction
  • Mixing method: simple batch mix type
  • Cold aggregate bin: 3 bins
  • Introduction: The client wanted to buy asphalt plant for his road construction. According to his requirements, we advised him to consider the ALYJ60 simple asphalt batch mix plant. Its price was under his budget. Therefore, the client took our advice and bought it. After more than one month’s installation, the mobile asphalt plant Philippines worked normally. Besides, it became Aimix’s sample format of this model in Philippines. If you want to visit equipment on construction sites before making an order, we can guide you to have a visit. There are some pictures of 60 tph Asphalt Batching Plant on site. Welcome to consult us for more 60 tph asphalt batching plant in the Philippines right now!

Installing 60 tph Asphalt Plant in the Philippines
ALYJ60 Simple Asphalt Batch Plant in the Philippines
60 tph Asphalt Batching Plant Working in Davao

Kinds of Asphalt Plants in the Philippines

After our sale investigated the market in Philippines, there are four kinds of asphalt plants for sale which can totally satisfy local construction’s requirements, including stationary asphalt plant, mobile asphalt plant, drum mix plant, and compact batch mix plant. Check simple introduction of each one below.

  • ALQ series Asphalt Mix Plant: This kind of asphalt batching plant in the Philippines is mostly common, which is more suitable for relatively large road construction sites. It is fixed on the construction sites, which doesn’t have flexibility as ALYQ series mobile asphalt plant for sale. But the stationary asphalt plant in the Philippines has long service life and stable performance.
  • ALYQ series asphalt plant: ALYQ mobile asphalt plant Philippines is equipped with tires on major components, which means that the whole plant can be moved through trailer dragging. It is convenient for users to operate and maintain. In general, it is applied for small and medium construction projects.
  • ALQ series asphalt plant

    ALQ series stationary asphalt plant

    ALYQ series asphalt batch plant

    ALYQ series mobile asphalt plant

  • ALT series asphalt plant Philippines: ALT series asphalt plant is drum type asphalt mixing plant which can continuously offering asphalt mixture. The drum mixing asphalt plant Philippines has simple working processes because the drying and mixing processes are carried out in the same dryer drum, which can greatly improve working efficiency. Capacities ranging from 20 to 80 t/h can meet small and medium road constructions.
  • ALYJ series asphalt batch plant Philippines: It refers to a small to medium-sized plant designed for basic asphalt production requirements. Its capacities range from 10 t/h to 80 t/h. In general, the asphalt plants are often used for small road construction projects, maintenance works, or as backup plants for larger operations. Simple asphalt batch plants are known for their ease of use, portability, and cost-effectiveness.
  • ALT series asphalt plant

    ALT series drum mix plant

    ALYJ Series Simple Batch Asphalt Plant

    ALYJ series Simple Batch Mix Asphalt Plant

LBS center for Better After-sale Service in The Philippines

Now, we have established our office and Local Based Service center in Philippines. With the center, we can provide prompt after-sale service for our clients in Philippines. Our engineer can come to check and repair equipment as soon as possible. Moreover, 1 warehouse is in Sorsogon. Therefore, it is possible to deliver spare parts within 12 hours.

Aimix Office and LBS center address in the Philippines is as follows:
Philippines office address:Staint Paul Rd, Makati, Manila, Philippines

After-sale Service in Philippines
After-sale Service in Philippines
Free After-sale Service
Free After-sale Service
Aimix after-service team
Aimix after-service team

Asphalt Batching Plant Price in Philippines

Asphalt batching plant price in Philippines is various among different manufacturers because asphalt plant manufacturers in the Philippines apply for different materials. But you need to choose asphalt batching plant in the Philippines according to you actual needs.If you plan to make full use of it, for renting and more times using, you’d better to choose from high quality equipment from reliable asphalt plant manufacturer – Aimix Group. Our machine has got high praise from our customers. Therefore, we will never let you down. Here are the price ranges of AIMIX asphalt plants for sale. You can check them for reference:

  • ALQ series price: $220,000-$1220,000
  • ALYQ series price: $270,000-$600,000
  • ALT series asphalt plant price: $60,000-$250,000
  • ALYJ series asphalt mix plant price: $50,000-$200,000
Certificates of Aimix Group
Certificates of Aimix Group

More importantly, Aimix has established our own office in Philippines for offering best after-sale service to local customers. So what else are you worried about? If you are interested in investing an mobile asphalt plant Philippines, please never hesitate to consult us now. We will answer you as soon as possible.

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