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Installing and Debugging ALQ80 Aimix Asphalt Plant in Indonesia

Good news! Aimix after-sales service staff has debugged ALQ80 asphalt plant in Palembang, Indonesia successfully. Actually, our asphalt plant has arrived at Indonesia in Dec, 2019. Then our engineer came soon and installed the plant within one month. Fortunately, it has been finished in Jan, 2020. Here are several pictures taken when installing. As we … Read more

Asphalt Mixing Plant

Installing AIMIX Asphalt Plant in Indonesia Successfully

In Sept, 2019, our asphalt plant has been installed and debugged successfully in Indonesia. Now the asphalt plant put into use normally on construction sites. Here are several pictures about the plant. This is a ALQ series stationary asphalt plant with capacity about 100 t/h. The local workers and engineers were trying their best to … Read more

ALQ100 Stationary Asphalt Plant Has Been Exported to Indonesia

Congratulations! On 19 th, April, 2019, our ALQ100 asphalt mixing plant was ready to transport to Indonesia. This ALQ series asphalt plant belongs to stationary type, which is an intermittent forced mixing plant. It means that the asphalt mixture was blended into mixer pot by pot. There are some asphalt plant components pictures when loading … Read more


ALYJ60 Asphalt Plant Has Been Finished Installation in Philippines

Good news here! Our ALYJ series asphalt plant finished installing in the Philippines. One month ago, we arranged our engineer team to help install the asphalt plant. Luckily, the asphalt plant has been installed and debugged successfully. The asphalt plant can be put into use normally. Here are several installation pictures on construction site. As … Read more

deliverying asphalt plant to New Zealand

Aimix ALT80 Asphalt Drum Mix Plant Was Sent to New Zealand

Another piece of exciting news! Aimix asphalt drum mix plant was delivered to New Zealand. About two month ago, this customer send us inquiry about asphalt plant for sale. He planned to begin his road construction in the next year. It means that all of things would be prepared. Therefore, he choose an asphalt plant … Read more

asphalt drum plant

Transporting Asphalt Drum Mix Plant to Philippines

Great news! Our asphalt drum mix plant for sale has been exported to Philippines. With the rapid development of economy in Philippines, there is a large demand of road construction. Therefore, they need asphalt plant which can assist them to build roads to develop economy. Our customers has purchased our asphalt drum mix plant which … Read more

Aimix Asphalt Plant

Asphalt Mixing Plant Has Been Exported to South Africa

Good news! Recently our 100t/h asphalt mixing plant has been transported to South Africa. This is the first time that our asphalt plant was delivered to there. Though there is no imported case, the customer choose to trust us sincerely. Because our customer has visited our asphalt plants which are working normally in other countries. … Read more

80t stationary asphalt plant

Our Stationary Asphalt Plant Has Finished Installation In Russia

Aimix 80t/h stationary asphalt plant for sale has finished installation in Russia finally. After the plant has been delivered to them. We immediately arranged our engineer to help install our asphalt plant. After several days, our engineer tried to accomplish the installation. It is a great success. What’s more, we have run our machine and … Read more


Our Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant Was Exported To Kirghistan

Congratulations! Aimix mobile asphalt plant was sent to Kirghistan on 30th, Jan, 2018. After communicating for a long time with customer, he finally decided to purchase a mobile one. The simple reason is that the mobile asphalt plant has moderate capacity, compact structure and light weight, which is so easier to move, assemble and disassemble. … Read more

60t mobile asphalt batch mixing plant

Delivery ALYQ60 Asphalt Mixing Plant to Paraguay

A piece of exciting news! In August, 2014, our ALYQ60 asphalt mixing plant was delivery to Paraguay. The ALYQ series mobile asphalt mixing plant is one of the most salable asphalt plants. The obvious movable feature makes the asphalt plants easy transportation. Therefore, the mobile asphalt plants are widely used in rural and urban road … Read more