Cold Mix Asphalt Plant

The cold mix asphalt plant refers to the asphalt mixture blended by unheated aggregate, mineral filler and dilute asphalt. The cold asphalt mixture is a high-tech road repair material, which can be used all day long. It is suitable for repairing different types of road surfaces under any environment, such as asphalt concrete road, parking lot, airport runway and bridges expansion joint.

In order to cover the wide range of client requirements, our company also launches cold mix asphalt plant for sale. The perfect knowledge of cold asphalt mixing makes it possible to design and produce the cold asphalt mixing equipment. The cold mix asphalt produced by us is durable and flexible, which can be self-heal even under pressure from low temperature. The cold mix asphalt is an ideal choice for non-engineered roads. Therefore, the cold mix asphalt plant is well-received by customers.

Cold Asphalt Mix Plant
Cold Asphalt Mixing Plant for Sale

Cold Mix Asphalt VS Hot Mix Asphalt

The cold mix asphalt is a mixture of cold aggregate, filler and emulsion asphalt. The distinguished difference between cold mix asphalt and hot mix asphalt is the temperature. The cold mix asphalt blend aggregate, filler and emulsion asphalt at lower temperature of -20℃~50℃, while the hot mix asphalt mixture is mixed at high temperature of 138℃~160℃. Dense graded cold mix asphalt has lower permeability and high deformation resistance. The semi dense cold asphalt mixture has good adhesion.

Cold Mix Asphalt
Asphalt Cold Mix

Features and Advantages

1. The special design of the cold mix asphalt plant is optimum for changeable climates, which is convenient to construct without weather limitation.

2. It has movable characteristic, the mobile cold mix asphalt plant with compact structure and layout is convenient for construction sites converting.

3. The whole processes can realize zero emission. There aren’t dust and black smoke during production and use. The finished products are insoluble in water, which is environmentally friendly. Besides, there are no required operating permits from Environmental Protection Agency.

4. Set up on the small construction sites, the cold mix asphalt can produce asphalt mixture manually, which is simple and convenient for small scale job. But above all, it can reduce customers’ investment.

5. In the processes, the cold mix asphalt plant eliminates the needs to dry and heat aggregate, which can simplify the operating processes. It is economical for pavement repairing.

6. The mixing time and strength can be controlled and adjusted according to special construction demands.

7. Compared with hot mix plant, the cold asphalt emulsion is much safer. Because that there is no need of heated asphalt.

8. The cold mix asphalt plant has options to mix on site or off site, and then the mixture is transported to location.

9. The wide choice of processes can satisfy various pavement needs, such as repairing, restoring and base courses.

10. The cold mix asphalt with durability can extend the roads life.

11. The adoption of advanced control system can improve automation of equipment.

12. The produced cold mix asphalt mixture has high quality, strong anti-aging and bond performance. The repaired potholes needn’t be restored repeatedly.

How to Make Cold Mix Asphalt

Firstly, the asphalt is emulsified in the water. The compact asphalt is easy to be emulsified. Then after the emulsion process, the water will vaporize. Naturally, the emulsified asphalt can mix with aggregate and filler with high stickiness.

Cold Mix Asphalt Plant Working Processes
Cold Mix Asphalt Plant Construction Processes

Cold Mix Asphalt Construction Process

1.Potholes clearing

The gravel and waste residue in or around the potholes should be cleared cleanly. No mud, ice and other debris shall be found in the potholes. In the municipal road repair, the potholes shall be neatly trimmed to the edges, and the removal of waste residual shall be thorough.

2.Potholes filling

Fill the potholes with enough bituminous materials, until the cold mix asphalt is above the ground 1.5 cm. For the municipal road repair, the cold mix asphalt can be increased by 10% or 20%. The center of filled potholes should be slightly above the surrounding road. If the depth of potholes is more than 5 cm, the potholes should be filled layer by layer, about 3cm to 5cm each layer.


After paving the potholes evenly, the cold mix asphalt should be compacted with proper compaction tools according to the filed environment, the size and depth of repaired area. The compaction tool can be manual shovel, tamper, vibrating late compactor and road roller.


After compaction, a layer of limestone or sand can be spread evenly on the surface, and the cleaning tools will sweep back and forth to fill the surface space with fine sand.


The surface of repaired potholes shall be clean and flat. The corners of potholes should be compacted with no loose. The compaction degree of normal road repair is more than 93% and the highway is more than 95%.

Cold Mix Asphalt Formation Mechanism

The bitumen is modified, not completely thermoplastic. The strength of cold mix asphalt increase during the processes. It is malleable and fluidity, which can be squeezed into the irregular place in the potholes. Under the action of driving and air, some solvents are volatilized. The asphalt gradually thickens. The distribution of the cold mix asphalt is more compact with less void ratio. The density of the cold mix asphalt mixture increases gradually. It takes 7~10 days for the process. Thereafter, the strength will still increase gradually. After three months, the mixture will be stable in strength.

Cold mix asphalt formation mechanism
Formation of Cold Mix Asphalt

Storage and Use Attention of Cold Nix asphalt

The cold mix asphalt can be stored in indoor ventilation or outdoor uncovered conditions. It is recommended that the minimum stock for 20~30t to maintain loose and storage life. It is easy to keep the cold mix asphalt mixture under normal temperature for more than two years. The finished product storage time can be longer with sealed bag. The storage space should be hard cement concrete or asphalt concrete ground. Cold mix asphalt should be away from flammable items and high degree of oxidation of the material.

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