How Much does An Asphalt Plant Cost?

How much does an asphalt plant cost? It is a series question every customer would taking into account when hunting for an asphalt mixing plant in the market. Well, there are factors which will affect the asphalt plant cost, including basic factors: types of asphalt plants, capacities and configuration and other factors: delivering fee, installing and maintenance fees etc. Here I will introduce you about Aimix asphalt mixing plant cost. Hope it can be helpful when you are choosing one.

Basic Factors of Affecting Asphalt Plant Cost

There are two main factors which depends on cost. One is the asphalt mixing plant type; the other one is capacity.

Asphalt Mixing Plant Types Affecting The Cost

In terms of types, we have manufactured four kinds of asphalt plants for global customers: ALQ series stationary asphalt mixing plant, ALYQ series mobile batching plant, ALT series drum mix asphalt plant and ALYJ series simple asphalt batch plant. Here I have listed simple descriptions and prices of each one. Check them below.

ALQ series stationary asphalt mixing plant – $220,000 ~ $1220,000

It adopts batch mixing method, which can produce high-quality asphalt mixture according to material ratio. It is equipped with high mixing tower, which includes screening, weighing, mixing and discharging device. Many customers prefer it rather than other kinds for its high production and stable performance.

ALQ Series Stationary Asphalt Plant
ALQ Series Stationary Asphalt Plant

ALYQ series mobile batch plant – $270,000 ~ $600,000

Same as ALQ series plant, it also has mixing tower. Because mixing mode is batching. Some elements of mobile plant is mounted on chassis and is equipped with movable tires. The mobile asphalt plant need to be reused and change construction sites. Customers would like to invest into one due to high returns whether for self using or renting.

ALYQ Series Mobile Asphalt Batching Plant for sale in Nigeria
ALYQ Series Mobile Asphalt Batching Plant

ALT series drum mix plant – $60,000 ~ $250,000

Without mixing tower, this means that the drum mixing plant has simple mixing process. Thus, it is also called as “ Continuous mixing plant”. Asphalt drum plant can produce asphalt mixture quickly. Moreover, dryer drum has drying and mixing function. Therefore, it is wise to choose this one due to lower investment and quick returns.

ALT series drum mix plant
ALT Series Drum Mix Plant

ALYJ series simple batch mix plant – $50,000 ~ $200,000

We can conclude that it also adopts batch mix mode. Different with stationary asphalt plant, it also doesn’t have mixing tower. While, it is equipped with twin shaft asphalt mixer to blend aggregate, asphalt and filler materials together. With simple mixing processes, the simple asphalt plant also can produce mixture effectively.

ALYJ series simple batch mix plant
ALYJ series simple batch mix plant

Asphalt Plant Capacity Directly Influencing The Cost

As for capacity, Aimix has divide asphalt plants into small, medium and large capacity asphalt plants. Generally, the larger capacity is, the higher asphalt plant cost is.

  • Small asphalt plants refer to those who has capacity under 40 m3/h. It is mainly used for rural road construction and repairing.
  • Medium and large asphalt plants are suitable for large scale road construction projects, such as highways, urban roads, ports, airports……
small asphalt plant
Small Capacity Asphalt Plant
Large Capacity Asphalt Mixing Plant
Large Capacity Asphalt Mixing Plant

Other Factors Influencing Asphalt Plant Price

Manufacturing Price

In the market, asphalt plant are sold with various prices in different manufacturers. Why? Because every asphalt plant manufacturer will make it with different raw materials, like steel and iron. Moreover, the production level and standard is totally different.

Delivery Price

Many customers would like search for asphalt plant for sale in global market. Therefore, it is necessary to export equipment from abroad and pay for the delivery fee. The further places you choose to buy asphalt plant, the high price you will pay for.

Installing and Maintenance Fee

After the asphalt plant arrived at construction site, you need install it. In addition, you need repair and maintain it when it it out of work. Some manufacturers’ quotation have included the installing and maintenance fee. While, others don’t contain the fee. In that case, customer should pay for the installing fee themselves.

Installing Asphalt Plant on Site
Installing Asphalt Plant on Site
Aspahlt Batch Plant Installing
Aspahlt Batch Plant Installing
Debugging Asphalt Plant
Debugging Asphalt Plant


If the clients requires specific customizations or modifications to the standard plant design, asphalt mixing plant machine coloe, or the brand of main components, the cost may increase. Custom features tailored to the clients’ needs can add to the overall price.


The duration and terms of the warranty offered by the manufacturer can impact the price. A longer and more comprehensive warranty might increase the initial cost but provide peace of mind for the the client.

After-Sales Support

The level of after-sales service support provided by the manufacturer can impact the overall cost. Manufacturers that offer comprehensive training, technical assistance, and spare parts support might have slightly higher upfront prices.

Considerate After-sales Service for Asphalt Mixing Plant

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