LB1200 Stationary Asphalt Plant Has Been Exported to Indonesia

Congratulations! On 19 th, April, 2019, our LB 1200 asphalt mixing plant was ready to transport to Indonesia. This LB series asphalt plant belongs to stationary type, which is an intermittent forced mixing plant. It means that the asphalt mixture was blended into mixer pot by pot.

LB series asphalt plants
LB series asphalt plant

There are some asphalt plant components pictures when loading asphalt plant in factory. You can check some below.

Exporting LB 1200 Asphalt Plant to Indonesia
Exporting LB 1200 Asphalt Plant to Indonesia

LB series asphalt plant is an ordinary plant which blends asphalt, aggregate, powder material and other additives together. A lot of customers are keen on this one due to its stable performance, modular design and high efficiency. With capacity of 100 t/h, it is the best choice for medium road construction projects. Apart from this model, our asphalt plant has capacities from 40 t/h to 400 t/h available. If you want invest one, please never miss Aimix Group. Get your consultant now! We are here to reply you in 24 hours.