• ALT20 mini asphalt plant
  • ALT20
  • ALT20 asphalt plant mini
  • ALT20 mini asphalt plant for sale
  • ALT20 mini asphalt plant
  • ALT20
  • ALT20 asphalt plant mini
  • ALT20 mini asphalt plant for sale

ALT20 Mini Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

Model ALT20
Production capacity(t/h) 20
Total Power(kw) 50
Fuel Consumption(kg/t) 5.5-7.0kg/t(Fuel)
Cold Aggregate Storage(m3) 4.0m3×4
Unloading Height(m) 3
Control Mode Manually, Semi-Auto/ Auto
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Mini Asphalt Mixing Plant

The mini asphalt mixing plant, also known as small asphalt plant, is a compact and efficient machine used for producing asphalt mixture. It is designed to meet the asphalt production needs of small-scale road construction engineering, such as rural road construction, maintenance work, and small-sized asphalt paving.

Mini Asphalt Mixing Plant in AIMIX

The mini asphalt plant is characterized by its small size, easy transportation, and simple operation. That’s also the important reasons why most clients would like to investing in one. In AIMIX, there are different kinds of mini asphalt plants for sale. You can have a look and choose the appropriate one for your projects.

Types of Mini Asphalt Mixing Plants in AIMIX

AIMIX has launched different types asphalt mixing plants to meet the market requirements, including mini batch mix asphalt plant, mini asphalt drum mix plant and mini mobile asphalt plant.  In general, capacities are under 40 t/h  blongs to mini asphalt plants. You can check the detailed information of each one below.

  • The mini asphalt drum mix plant is special in the drum. The drum asphalt mix plant integrated the dryer drum and mixing drum together. The unique design reduces the production processes. In addition, the simplified mixing process in the drum can reduce the dust pollution.
  • What’s more, the hot aggregate needn’t be lifted, sieved and weighed twice time. The aggregate is just weighed before transported to the dryer drum. The processes of mixing, discharging and filling materials are continuous.
  • With capacities of 20 and 40 t/h, the mini asphalt plants is suitable for small projects such as rural road construction, maintenance work, and small-sized asphalt paving often have lower asphalt demands.





  • A asphalt mixing plant mini operates based on the principle of batch mixing, where the components are weighed and mixed in specific batches.
  • In general, the drying and mixing process are carried out in the different devices. Therefore, it can ensure efficient and even asphalt mixture mixing.
  • The mini hot mix plant has small capacities of about 10, 20, 30, and 40 t/h. They are suitable for small road construction projects, like rural roads, city street, road maintenance, and small parking lots, etc.

ALYJ Mini Batch Mix Plant
Mini Batch Mix Plant

  • Different from the simple asphalt mixing plant, the mini portable asphalt plant has a mixing tower alone. It can produce more even asphalt mixture.
  • It is mounted on the chassis, which is more convenient to transport among the construction sites. In addition, the mini mobile asphalt plant is easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • The 40 t/h mini mobile hot mix plant is suitable for small and medium-sized road construction and maintenance projects, as well as some temporary construction projects.



Type ALYQ40
Production capacity(t/h) 40
Mixer(kg) 600
Mixing cycles(s) 45
Dry Capacity(t/h) 50
Fuel Diesel, heavy oil, natural gas, liquefied gas, pulverized coal
Dust Filter Gravity dust filter+ Cyclone dust filter + Bag dust filter/ Water dust filter
Bag dust Filter area(m2) 260
Vibrating layer 4
Asphalt tank(t) Option, 10-40t or Depend on request
Asphalt heating Heat conducting oil furnace or Direct heat asphalt tank

Other alternative – Mini Mobile Asphalt Mixer Machine

  • Aimix Group has manufactured a new mini asphalt mixing equipment for our customers. With 6~10 t/h small capacity, it can quickly mix the new asphalt for road maintenance, also be used for old asphalt recycling: stacking, storing, heating and mixing.
  • It is convenient for users to operate and maintain due to its simple structure and light weight. In addition, the mini asphalt mixing equipment price is more reasonable and cheaper than above shown mini asphalt plants for sale.
Mini Mobile Asphalt Mixer Machine

Mini Mobile Asphalt Mixer Machine

Mini Asphalt Mixing Machine

Mini Asphalt Mixing Equipment

Case of Mini Asphalt Plants Working On-site

AIMIX has exported many units of asphalt plants mini type to the global customers. Many clients have sent us some pictures and video of asphalt mixing plant mini working on-site. Here are some cases for reference.

ALYQ40 Mini Mobile Asphalt Plant Working Well in Kazakhstan

Mobile Asphalt Plant for Rural Road Construction in Kazakhstan

— Installed in Feb
— Capacity: 40 t/h
— For rural road construction project
Batch mix type
4 cold aggregate bins
Full-automatic control
asphalt plant Kazakhstan

ALYJ40 Simple Asphalt Batch Mix Plant Working Well in Nigeria

Simple Asphalt Mix Plant for County Road Construction in Nigeria

— Installed in Nov
— Capacity: 40 t/h
— For county road construction project
Simple batch mix type
semi-automatic control

Global Exporting Lists of AIMIX Mini Asphalt Plants

  • In 2022, two 40 t/h mobile batch mix plant was exported to Indonesia;
  • In 2021, 30 t/h simple batch mix asphalt plant have been exported to Myanmar;
  • In 2020, one unit of 20 t/h drum mix plant was to Nigeria; one unit of 40 t/h simple batch mix plant was exported to the Philippines;
  • In 2018, up to now, two sets of mobile asphalt hot mix plant was exported to New Zealand and one set of asphalt plant has been transported to Russia. Moreover, one set of plant is ready to Philippines.
  • In 2017, the mini 40t mobile asphalt mixing plant has been exported to Tajikistan.
  • In 2016, the mini 20t and 40t mobile asphalt plants were successfully delivered to Ukraine and Botswana.
  • In 2014, the mini 40t asphalt hot mix plant was transported to Brazil; two sets of mini 40t mobile asphalt plants were exported to Algeria and Burma; two sets of mini 20t mobile asphalt batch mix plant were shipped to Sri Lanka.
  • In 2013, three sets of mini 40t mobile asphalt batching plant were delivered to Burma.

Advantages of Mini Asphalt Mixing Plant for Sale

  • 1. The mini hot mix plant price is cheaper than the ordinary asphalt plant price, which can reduce the customers’ investment.
  • 2. The small occupancy and modular design makes the mini asphalt plant more flexible. Easy assembling and disassembling makes for convert construction sites.
  • 3. The dryer drum adopts anti-weary materials to prolong the service life. The equipped insulating layer outside the drum can decrease heat loss.
  • 4. The multistage dust collecting system can achieve recycle dust particle size in stages, which can improve raw materials availability and ensure the quality of finished products.
  • 5. Our mineral filler silo has arch broken device, which can prevent powder arching efficiently and ensure uniform and continuous filler supply.
  • 6. The weighing system has reasonable weighing order, which can prevent material unbalance loading.
  • 7. The vibrating screen is segmented, which is convenient to maintain. It is made up of high strength manganese with reinforced rim, which can prolong the service life.
  • 8. The transmission device is equipped with mute device and safety protection device. The safety protection can be transmitted quickly under emergency conditions.

Components of The Mini Asphalt Batching Plant

1. Cold aggregate supply system

The loader shovels different kinds of sandstone into the cold aggregate hopper. The cone-shaped hopper discharge cold aggregate to the aggregate belt conveyor. Frequency control device is mounted on the outlet of hopper to control the discharge speed. Then the cold aggregate will be delivered to the feeding belt conveyor. The middle filter screen between two belt conveyors can rule out oversized aggregate, which can reduce heat loss in the following process. Finally, the cold aggregate will be conveyed into the dryer drum.

2. Drying System

The drying system will fully dry cold aggregate with reverse airflow. With drum rotating, the aggregate in the drum raises and drops with the rolling blades. The formed curtain increase heat interchange. With the help of title drum, the sandstone is constantly moving forward the outlet while heating.

Dryer drum

3. Dust Collecting System

For dust remover, there are two degrees: a primary dust remover and a secondary dust catcher.
In general, two degrees of dust collecting are necessary for large asphalt plant in accordance with environment protection requirements. While, as for mini asphalt plant for sale, primary dust removing process is enough. Primary degree refers to cyclone dust catcher and a secondary degree adopts wet type dust collector and cloth bag type dust collector .

4. Asphalt Tank

Direct heat asphalt tank, high energy saving efficiency; Rapid heating, keep the asphalt in the tank in liquid state, asphalt temperature in the tank is controllable; The asphalt pump is driven by a motor with a frequency converter. Asphalt heating has multiple fuel options: coal, diesel and natural gas.

5. Weighing system

After sieved through the vibrating screen, the hot aggregate is conveyed to weighing system. The Mettle-toledo weighing sensor ensures accurate weighing. The asphalt weighing adopts double screw conveyor. The mineral weighing has pressure relief and arch broken devices. The asphalt weighing adopts two-stage anti-overflow protection device. In addition, the asphalt has secondary weighing to ensure accurate and stable asphalt-aggregate ratio. Then they will be delivered to the mixer.

weighing system

6. Mixing system

The mini drum asphalt mixing plant will finish mixing in the mixer drum in the drying drum mixer. The double drum design makes the drying and mixing in the same device. The inner side of drum has welded with small mixing blades, which can produce asphalt mixture effectively. While the other mini asphalt plant sale has an individual mixing bin in mixer tower. The separate mixing bin can mix the asphalt mixture more evenly. High wear-resistant chromium alloy blades and liners can prolong life span.

Mixing system

7. Control System

The control system adopts manual and semi-automatic controlling mode, with high degree of automation, which can effectively save labor and operating costs. Operating table is provided with the main motor current value and frequency value, finished material and cold aggregate temperature.It is really easy and intuitive for users to operate.

8. Finished Product Storage System(Optional Component)

The finished product warehouse is placed on a certain height for truck loading. It is equipped with pneumatic door and convenient switch. There is a material level meter in the warehouse, which can effectively prevent the overflow of materials. Moreover, there is a temperature sensor, which can control the temperature of finished products in real time in the control room.

Specifications of Mini Asphalt Plant

Model ALT20 ALT40 ALT60
Output 20t/h 45t/h 60t/h
Power Fuel Oil 34kw 65kw 105kw
Burning Coal 40kw 75kw 120kw
Cold Aggregate Feeding System 3.5m³×1 4m³×4 4m³×4
Finihsed Asphalt Storage Bin 3t 3t 7t
Asphalt Temperature 120-180℃
Fuel Consumption Fuel Oil 5-7.5kg/t
Burning Coal 13-15kg/t
Asphalt Tank 10t 20t 30t
Control Room 2.2m 2.2m 3m
Option Bag Dust Filter
Model ALQ40 ALQ60
Output 40t/h 60t/h
Cold Aggregate Feeding System
Hopper Capacity 4×4.5m³ 4×6.5m³
Collect Belt Capacity 60t/h 80t/h
Aggregate Dryer
Dryer Size φ1.2m×5.2m φ1.5m×6m
Dryer Capacity 60t/h 80t/h
Fuel Consumption 70-300kg/h 100-400kg/h
Mixing Tower
Vibrating Screen (Layer) 4 layer 4 layer
Aggregate Metering hopper 500kg 800kg
Mineral Flour Metering hopper 120kg 150kg
Bitumen Metering hopper 100kg 120kg
Mixer Capacity 500kg 800kg
Cycle Time 45s 45s
Dust filter (Bag dust filter)
Filter Area 230m² 300m²
Draught Fan 22kw 30kw
Asphalt Temperature 140-180℃ 140-180℃
Finish Asphalt storage silo    
Total power 170kw 200kw

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