Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant

The mobile asphalt mixing plant is popular among global users due to its features of movable, flexible, and convenient. Compared with the stationary asphalt mixing plant, it needn’t be fixed at the construction sites. In addition, it can guarantee continuous working, which can shorten the construction period and reduce transportation costs. Thus, it is widely applied for road construction projects, where asphalt is needed in different locations or on a temporary basis. Here are the exact kinds of projects that the mobile asphalt plant for sale is used for.

asphalt mobile plant for sale

Which kind of Projects is The Mobile Asphalt Plant Used for?

Mobile asphalt plants are suitable for many types of road construction projects, especially those that require on-site production of asphalt. Here are some examples of projects that are suitable for mobile asphalt plants:

  • Road construction and maintenance: highway construction, urban road development and maintenance.
  • Remote or rural areas: It can be easily transported to remote locations, making it possible to produce bitumen locally without long distances.
  • Infrastructure construction: airport runways, parking lots, bridges and tunnels. It can be set up close to the project site, minimizing transportation costs and ensuring a steady supply of asphalt mixture.
  • Construction in congested urban areas: For urban areas with limited space or heavy traffic, it may be necessary to produce asphalt on site. It can be set up in tight spaces and busy urban environments for efficient and convenient asphalt production without major disruption.
  • Emergency road repairs: When natural disasters or accidents cause road damage, the mobile hot mix asphalt plant can be quickly deployed to the affected areas. It can produce asphalt immediately, helping to repair damaged roads soonest.

airport runways
Airport Runways
urban roads
Urban Roads

According to the examples of the above wide applications, the clients can choose the right one according to the type of project. AIMIX, as one of reliable mobile asphalt plant manufacturers, has exported many units of equipment all over the world. Check one of the applications below.

Installing ALYQ60 Batch Type Asphalt Mobile Plant in Kazakhstan

  • Mixing method: batch mix type
  • Capacity: 60 t/h
  • Aggregate bin: 4 bins
  • Construction project: rural road construction
  • Basic information: Recently Aimix mobile asphalt plant China has been exported to Kazakhstan. After the mobile hot mix plant has arrived, Aimix arranged for the engineers to install and debug asphalt mixer plant. Here are some pictures of installing. After half of a month, the mobile asphalt batch mixing plant was finally erected on construction sites. The client was so satisfied with our technical support and considerate after-sales service. Now, the asphalt mixing plant mobile still is working well on-site.
Installation of Mobile Asphalt Plant in Kazakhstan
Installation of Mobile Asphalt Plant in Kazakhstan

mobile asphalt batching plant in Kazakhstan
mobile asphalt mix plant In Kazakhstan

As the case shows, it is a batch type mobile asphalt mix plant on-site. Apart from the batch type, we also have drum type asphalt plant to meet customers’ demands. Here are details of the types of mobile asphalt plants for sale.

Classifications of Asphalt Plant Mobile

  • In terms of technology process, the mobile asphalt mixing plant has two types, including mobile drum type and mobile batch type asphalt plant.
  • Accordingly, the ALYQ series is portable batch type asphalt plant that produces asphalt in batches. It consists of separate components for storing and heating aggregates, bitumen, and filler material. The aggregates are mixed with the heated bitumen and filler in a specific ratio to produce asphalt mixture.
  • While the ALYT series is mobile asphalt drum mix plant but operates in a continuous process. The aggregates are fed into a drum where they are mixed with hot bitumen and produce a continuous flow of asphalt mixture.
  • Capacities of mobile asphalt batch mix plant for sale ranges from 60 t/h to 160 t/h. However, the mobile drum mix plant capacity is relatively smaller, about 20 t/h to 80 t/h. Check their models below.









ALYT20 Mobile Drum Mix Asphalt Plant


ALYT40 Asphalt Drum Plant Mobile


ALYT60 Mobile Drum Mixing Plant


ALYT80 Mobile Asphalt Mixing Drum Plant


Main Parts of Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant

1. Mobile Cold Aggregate Supplying

The cold aggregate feeding hopper and aggregate belt are mounted on the mobile chassis, which ensures quick feeding and transporting. The adoption of frequency speed regulator makes the feeder smooth and efficient running. The discharge door of the hopper has an alarm device to avoid no aggregate in the hopper. The vibrating screen in the hopper can filter bigger aggregate to ensure supplying efficiency.

Mobile cold aggregate supplying

2. Dryer Drum

The dryer drum is to dry cold aggregate, the drying degree of aggregate can directly affect the finished product quality. The dryer drum is made up of anti-weary and heat-resistant materials with a long life span. The insulating layer can reduce the heat loss of dryer drum, and save fuel consumption, which improves heating efficiency. The outlet of the dryer drum has temperature measurement device, which can control the cold aggregate temperature automatically.

dryer drum

3. Burner

The burner is the heat source of the heating dryer drum. Our burner has fuel oil burner and fuel coal burner. The burner can ignite automatically, which is reliable, safe, and convenient. The temperature of burner can be controlled automatically, which improves the stability of aggregate temperature. The fuel oil burner adopts domestic brands and overseas brands. Oil burner has a wide range, including light oil, heavy oil, blending oil, and coal tar. All of them can be combusted sufficiently.

oil burner

4. Dust Catcher

The dust collecting system is equipped with gravity dust catcher and bag dust collector. It has multi-stage dust collecting system, which can enhance material availability and ensure finished product quality. The bag dust collector has an insulating layer to avoid bag condensation. The inlet of the bag dust catcher has a temperature protection device to prevent bag damage.

Dust catcher

5. Hoister

The hoister is high strength plate chain type lifting machine. The anti-weary device can reduce the abrasion of the hopper. It can discharge aggregate without returning. The transmission of hoister is equipped with a mute device, which can reduce noise pollution.


6. Mixing Tower(For Batch Type)

The mixing tower consists of the hot aggregate storage bin, asphalt mixer, vibrating screen, weighing hopper, asphalt weighing, etc. Hot aggregate storage bin with large capacity can ensure quick feeding. The feeding proportion can be adjusted properly. The main part of the asphalt mixing tower has reasonable maintenance and safety protection device. Modularization of the tower can make the plant realize quick installation and transportation.

mixing tower

7. Control Room

The electric control system of asphalt batch plant for sale adopts advanced components which have high reliability and long service life. The control room is mounted on the chassis, which can achieve quick movement from one site to another.

control room

8. Finished Products Storage Bin(Optional Component)

The finished products bin with large volume is used to store ready-mixed asphalt. It is easy to handle. The insulating layer can ensure a small temperature drop. The temperature of discharge gate has an automatic control device to prevent bond.

Finished products storage bin

Specifications of Asphalt Mobile Plant

Output (t/h)6080100120160
Cold Aggregate Feeding System
Hopper Capacity(m)4*6.54*7.54*7.54*7.55*8
Collect Belt Capacity (t/h)80100120140180
Aggregate Dryer
Dryer Size(m)φ1.5*6φ1.5*6.7φ1.65*7φ1.8*8φ1.9*9
Dryer Capacity(t/h)80100120140180
Fuel Max Consumption(kg/h)4505507009501200
Mixing Tower
Vibrating Screen (Layer)44444
Aggregate Metering hopper(kg)8001000130015002000
Mineral Flour Metering hopper(kg)150200200300300
Bitumen Metering hopper(kg)120150150250250
Weighing accuracyaggregate:±0.5% Mineral Flour:±0.25% Bitumen:±0.25%aggregate:±0.5% Mineral Flour:±0.25% Bitumen:±0.25%aggregate:±0.5% Mineral Flour:±0.25% Bitumen:±0.25%aggregate:±0.5% Mineral Flour:±0.25% Bitumen:±0.25%aggregate:±0.5% Mineral Flour:±0.25% Bitumen:±0.25%
Mixer Capacity(kg)8001000125015002000
Cycle Time(s)4545454545
Dust filter(Bag dust filter)
Filter Area(m2)300420480550650
Draught Fan (kw)30455590110
Asphalt Temperature (⊥)140-180140-180140-180140-180140-180
Total power(kw)200300350380490
Output (t/h)20406080100
PowerFuel Oil(kw)3465105135170
Burning Coal (kw)4075120165200
Cold Aggregate Feeding System3.5m3*14m3*44m3*46.5m3*46.5m3*4
Finihnsed Asphalt Storage Bin (t)33779
Asphalt Temperature (℃)120-180
Fuel ConsumptionFuel Ol (kg/t)5-7.5
Buning Coal(kg/t)13-15
Asphalt Tank (t)1020303035
Control Room(m)2.22.2333.5
OptionBag Dust Filter

Reasons of Choosing Aimix Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant

Easy to move on

The mobile asphalt mixing plant is equipped with trailer chassis. The equipment can be dragged by the chassis to achieve movement. The asphalt mixing plant mobile integrates the main parts into the trailer. It is convenient to install and easy to move on.

Simple structure

The mobile asphalt batching plant for sale has a simple structure with modular design, which is easy for users to have a good knowledge of the equipment and operate it.

High efficiency

The dryer drum can remove the moisture of clod aggregate and discharge the aggregate in normal direction with high efficiency. The mobile asphalt mixer has unique blades to mix the mixture with strong power, which makes it easy, reliable, and efficiency. The vibrating screen is driven by vibrating motors, which can reduce machine failure rate and greatly improve working efficiency.

Energy saving and environmental protection

The adoption of dust-collector in our mix plant can avoid dust leakage to protect the environment. What’s more, the multistage dust collecting system can reduce heat loss, and save space and fuel, which can achieve energy saving and low energy consumption.

Convenient electric control

Mobile asphalt mixing plant for sale adopts PLC programmable control system and control panel. The whole operation can be controlled automatically and manually. The electric control system has automatic diagnosis procedures, which can operate simply and safely.

Long service life

The main components all adopt anti-weary and heat-resistant materials, which can enhance the usage rate. Besides, well-known domestic and overseas brands can ensure the quality of the component, which can prolong the service life.

Based on above reasons, if you prefer to know more about mobile asphalt batch plant for sale, welcome to contact us without hesitation. We will offer you the best mobile asphalt plant price and considerate sales service.

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