New Mobile Asphalt Batching Plant

Recent AIMIX Group has launched a new kind of mobile asphalt batching plant – AYLZ series new asphalt plants for sale.

new asphalt batching plant in AIMIX

It is a piece of asphalt mixture production equipment that is easy to move and has high concentration is more in line with the road development of the times. Why AIMIX designed this kind of new asphalt plant? Check the main reasons below.

Reasons To Design The Mobile Asphalt Batching Plant

Quickly Respond to Road Construction Needs

The mobile asphalt batching plant for sale is flexible and can quickly respond to road construction needs in different locations. It can be quickly deployed to areas requiring paving to meet the immediate requirements of the project.

High Degree of Concentration

It is designed with high concentration means that the equipment is more concentrated, reducing the possibility of out-of-synchronization and cross-operation, and improving the overall production efficiency.

Save Time

The times require faster paving speed. The design of the mobile asphalt batch mixing plant can achieve continuous production, reducing the dead time between production and paving, thus saving construction time.

Therefore, it is necessary to design the new asphalt batching plant to inject fresh vitality into the progress of the road industry. First, let’s check more details about it, including its model, components, advantages, etc.

mobile asphalt batch plant for sale in AIMIX Group

AYLZ100: Advancing Asphalt Batching with a New Mobile Plant Model

In the early stages of developing new asphalt plants, AIMIX engineers prioritized the design of a model – AYLZ100.

Based on extensive customer demand surveys, they found that most customers were eager to find a medium-sized asphalt plant, producing approximately 80-100 tons per hour.

Therefore, designing an asphalt plant with this production capacity became our primary goal. As a result, AYLZ100 was born, meeting customer expectations with a production capacity of 80-100 tons per hour.

It is particularly suitable for medium-sized road construction projects, such as highways, city roads, highways, airport runway construction, and more.

The new designed mobile asphalt mixing plant have more advantages compared with the ordinary mobile asphalt mixing plant. You must want to know the differences between them. Here I have listed some points to compare them.

AYLZ100 asphalt batching plant for sale in AIMIX

Model AYLZ100
Yield 80-100t/h
composition structure Ingredient drying, dust removal and mixing mobile unit
Asphalt and fuel supply mobile units
Powder supply system mobile unit(optional)
Measuring accuracy Aggregate±2%
Powder ±1%
Asphalt ±1.5%
Dust emission concentration ≤50mg/Nm3
Hot aggregate discharge temperature stability ±5℃
Discharge temperature stability of finished product ±3℃
Equipment operation reliability ≥95%
Operation method Fully automatic control (manual control)
Dimensions Maximum reference: length 26.7mx width 3.43mx height 4.5m
Total installed power Maximum 180kw
Overall machine quality About 70t
Ingredients bin volume 3x8m³
Drying drum φ1.7m (diameter) ×7m (length)
Bag filter 320㎡
Continuous mixing host Motor 2x22Kw
asphalt tank Direct heating 30m³+5m³ diesel tank
New powder supply system Horizontal (or vertical) powder tank 30m³/50m³ (optional)

Comparison Between New and Ordinary Mobile Asphalt Batch Plant

The following is a comparison list of the main features of the two mobile mobile asphalt batch plants:

The new mobile mixing plant is not only easy to install but also convenient to transport, making it the optimal choice for your road construction projects. Next, I will provide a detailed introduction to the characteristics of the new mobile asphalt mixing plant for sale based on the comparison points listed in the above table.

ALYQ Series Mobile Asphalt Batch Mix Plant
Ordinary Mobile Asphalt Batch Mix Plant

New Mobile Asphalt Batching Plant for Sale
New Mobile Asphalt Batching Plant for Sale

New Asphalt Batch Plant Ordinary Asphalt Batch Plant
Where to Mix Asphalt Mix asphalt in Continuous Asphalt Mixer Mix asphalt in Asphalt Mixing Tower
Concentration High Not High
Mobility of electric control system Mounted on mobile unit, easy move Not easy to move
Transition speed High Not high
Cabinet installation Easy Not easy

Outstanding Characteristics of New Mobile Asphalt Batch Mix Plant

  • 1. The asphalt mixing process is carried out in the continuous asphalt mixer. The mixer is connected to the rear end of the drying drum. Compared with the ordinary mobile asphalt mixer plant, it doesn’t have a mixing tower.
  • 2.The new mobile asphalt plant consolidates the previously required two or three mobile units into a single unit, thereby saving transportation costs.
  • 3. Considering international freight and container loading issues, the control room and electrical control cabinet are designed to be detachable. They can be shipped separately and installed directly at the construction site, providing convenience and efficiency.
  • 4. This detachable design is convenient for shipping and loading into cabinets, and it is also easy to move between different construction sites. Thus, it is appropriate for projects that require frequent changes to construction locations or temporary repairs.
  • 5. Compared with ordinary mobile asphalt plants, its design occupies a small area and is convenient to use.

new asphalt batch plant transporting
new asphalt batch plant changing site

Components of The Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant

The new mobile asphalt batching plant for sale consists of the main components as follows:

  • 3 bins aggregate batching machine; frequency conversion belt; aggregate flat belt; control room; electric control cabinet; drying drum; burner; continuous mixer; dust removal system, finished material scraper conveyor, etc.

Worth mentioning, all of the above components are concentrated on one unit when the the asphalt batch plant is moving.

Well, how do these components collaborate to complete the production of asphalt mixture? Next, you can check its working process.

new asphalt batching plant working

How Does The Mobile Asphalt Batch Plant Work?


Feeding Process:
Through manual control via the control room computer, the three-bin batching hoppers provide precise and quantified feeding using variable-frequency small conveyors.


Drying and Heating:
The aggregate flat belt conveyor transports all raw materials to the drying drum, where they undergo drying and heating treatment.


Mixing and Production:
Subsequently, the raw materials enter the continuous asphalt mixer along with external liquid asphalt, forming a blend that meets quality standards for the production of asphalt mixture with crushed stones. The final product is suitable for road paving.


Dust Collection:
Throughout the entire process, a baghouse dust collector extracts smoke generated in the drying drum, collecting and discharging dust from the asphalt mixing equipment.

How Much does The Mobile Asphalt Batch Mix Plant Cost?

What all clients are concerned about is the asphalt mixing plant price. When starting the road construction projects, they should consider all costs, including asphalt plant cost, operation cost, labor cost, equipment maintenance and repair costs, raw material cost, etc. Therefore, investing in an asphalt mixing plant is significant for a road project. What about its cost?

Mobile Asphalt Batch Mix Plant New Designed by AIMIX

Actually, the new mobile asphalt batch plant price is a little higher than the ordinary ones. Because we have upgraded the ordinary equipment for better use.

If you want to get the exact price of asphalt batching plant, welcome to consult our sales for the latest quotation right now! Contact us through the inquiry forms, email, or WhatsApp.

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