Simple Asphalt Batch Plant

ALYJ series simple asphalt batch plant, adopting compact asphalt batch mixing method, is manufactured for mobile road construction projects. Without mixing tower, it can make transportation optimized. It is convenient to assemble and disassemble due to its simple, attractive structure, reasonable and modular design.

Aimix ALYJ Series Simple Asphalt Batch Plant

Its output ranges from 10 t/h to 80 t/h. Therefore, the asphat batch plant is more appropriate for small and medium-sided road construction projects which needs frequent site relocation, like highway, bridge and other infrastructure. Based on its capacities, here are the simple introduction of the compact batch mix asphalt plant models.

Models of ALJY Series Simple Asphalt Batch Plant

Generally speaking, the simple asphalt batch plant is a small and medium-sized asphalt mixing equipmnet. In terms of its capacity, we have divided them into small type and medium type asphalt plants as follow:

Small Asphalt Plant Simple Type – ALYJ10 ~ ALYJ40

  • Small simple asphalt plants have a capacity under 40 t/h. These plants are available in models such as ALYJ10, ALYJ15, ALYJ20, ALYJ30, and ALYJ40.
  • They are specifically designed for small-scale road construction projects, including rural roads, city streets, road maintenance, and small parking lots.
  • These compact plants offer an efficient solution for producing asphalt mixtures tailored to the needs of such projects.

ALYJ20 Asphalt Plant


ALYJ40 Asphalt Plant

Medium-sized Simple Asphalt Plant – ALYJ60 and ALYJ80

  • The medium-sized aspahlt plants with production capacities of 60 metric tons and 80 metric tons of asphalt mixture per hour. Models are ALYJ60 and ALJY80.
  • These capacities are higher than those of smaller plants, making them suitable for medium-sized road construction projects that require a relatively larger volume of asphalt production.
  • They are suitable for projects such as highways, urban roads, parking lots, airport runways, and medium-sized road maintenance and repair work.

ALYJ60 Asphalt Mix Plant


ALYJ80 Asphalt Batch Plant

Output (t/h)10152030406080
PowerFuel Oil(kw)485968106132146186
PowerBurning Coal (kw)677891129170192262
Cold Aggregate Feeding System3m3*33m3*35m3*35m3*35m3*35m3*4
Finihnsed Asphalt Storage Bin (t)25599920
Asphalt Temperature (℃)120-180120-180120-180120-180120-180120-180120-180
Fuel ConsumptionFuel Ol (kg/t)5-7.55-7.55-7.55-7.55-7.55-7.55-7.5
Fuel ConsumptionBuning Coal(kg/t)13-1513-1513-1513-1513-1513-1513-15
OptionsWater Dust Filter, Bag Dust Filter, Contol Room, Asphalt Heat Tank,Mineral Flour TankWater Dust Filter, Bag Dust Filter, Contol Room, Asphalt Heat Tank,Mineral Flour TankWater Dust Filter, Bag Dust Filter, Contol Room, Asphalt Heat Tank,Mineral Flour TankWater Dust Filter, Bag Dust Filter, Contol Room, Asphalt Heat Tank,Mineral Flour TankWater Dust Filter, Bag Dust Filter, Contol Room, Asphalt Heat Tank,Mineral Flour TankWater Dust Filter, Bag Dust Filter, Contol Room, Asphalt Heat Tank,Mineral Flour TankWater Dust Filter, Bag Dust Filter, Contol Room, Asphalt Heat Tank,Mineral Flour TankWater Dust Filter, Bag Dust Filter, Contol Room, Asphalt Heat Tank,Mineral Flour Tank

Applications of ALYJ Series Asphalt Plants On-site

Aimix ALYJ40 Simple Asphalt Batch Plant Working in The Philippines

  • Model: ALJY40
  • Capaacity: 40 t/h
  • Mixing way: Batch mix type
  • Projects: county road construction
  • Customer reviews: Thanks for AIMIX sales patience and professionalism, the asphalt plant they advised was appropriate for my county road construction. In addiiton, during installing and working process, the after-sales service staff in AIMIX was also kind and professional to help me solve all kinds of problems!

Aimix ALYJ60 Simple Asphalt Batch Plant Working in The Philippines

  • Recently the customer from the Philippines made an order of this series asphalt plant for sale. Before the deal, our sale have communicated with him many times, tries to answered his questions and made customized plan for his urban road construction project.
  • In the end, we recommend him to buy the model of ALYJ60 mobile asphalt batch mix plant, which can totally satisfy his medium road construction items.
  • After one month’s manufacturing and half of one month’s delivery, the asphalt mixer plant arrived. Soon we arranged for our engineer to help install and debug it. Under the help of local worker, it has been finished installing and debugging on sites successfully.
  • Here are some pictures during the installing process. After debugging and checking, this asphalt plant was put into use normally and smoothly.
Asphalt Plant in The Philippines
ALYJ60 Asphalt Plant in The Philippines

Whole Asphalt Plant
Asphalt Mix Plant Simple
ALYJ60 Aspahlt Batch Plant
Our engineer and local installing workers

Features of Asphalt Batch Plant

  • 1. Different with ordinary dryer drum mixer, it has unique central reverse feed device, central draft and double drum structure which can ensure the modern machine is with high efficiency. It has modular design which combines intermittent drying drum and twin horizontal shaft mixer. The design can save customers’ cost.
  • 2. Since the drying time can be conveniently adjusted, the mineral materials with high water content can reach the heating standard, which ensures the quality of the finished product. Moreover, the high quality and stability of the asphalt produced by our machine can meet the requirements of the high-level black pavements in pavement building, reconstruction and maintenance.
  • 3. PLC control system, touch screen with free automatic or manual transfer are available for this kind of asphalt mixer plant.
  • 4. It is equipped with movable chassis, which can realize fast, easy transport and installation.
  • 5. Coal and oil dual-purpose burner. Customers can select either one according to actual requirements. The burner is small and novel, organically combines the traditional fuel technology with the new pulverized coal blasting technology, automatic ignition, kerosene dual-use, complete combustion and no slagging, ignition convenient and quick, high thermal efficiency.
  • 6. Injecting asphalt with regular constant volume. Thus, the whetstone ratio is very precise, and it is easy to adjust and change.
  • 7. The specially designed dust removal system can effectively reduce the exhaust temperature and improve the dust removal efficiency.

Main Structure

The whole plant is composed of several components, like cold aggregate system, burning system, dryer drum, twin shaft mixer, dust remover, finished product storage bin, PLC control system etc.

cold aggregate batcher
Cold Aggregate Batcher
dryer drum and twin shaft mixer
Dryer Drum and Twin Shaft Mixer

dust remover
Dust Remover
finished product storage bin
Finished Product Storage Bin

control room
Control Room
Control panel
Control Panel

After-sales Service Guarantee

Attentive service content: professional service quality is the philosophy that Aimix Group always adheres to. Our services include: one and a half year product quality assurance; asphalt mixing plant commissioning; operator training; spare parts; and lifetime technical guidance for asphalt batch plants. More elaborated information, please check:

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