Small Portable Asphalt Mixing Plant

Small portable asphalt mixing plant is widely applied in many small and medium-sized road construction projects. Because the frequent converting of construction sites requires the small asphalt plant for sale with high mobility and quick installation. Therefore, we are devoted to producing portable asphalt batch plant to solve the problems. In addition, the small portable asphalt mixing plants produced by AIMIX Group has superior advantages of high flexibility, efficiency and reliability in comparison with other portable asphalt plant manufacturers. Here are serverl types of small portable asphalt plants for sale in AIMIX for reference.

Small Portable Asphalt Mixing Plant

Different Types of Small Portable Asphalt Plants

  • As we all know, the capacities of small asphalt plants for sale in AIMIX range from 20 t/h to 60 t/h. It is very suitable for small road construction projects, especially in rural places.
  • In terms of mixing methods, the small portable asphalt plants can be divided into two kinds. One is batch mix type; the other one is continuous mixing type.
  • Here are some simple introductions of batch mix asphalt plant and continuous asphalt mixing plant.

Continuous Type

  • The continuous type asphalt plant is also named after drum mix plant. It is usually used in small-scale projects such as small roads, parking lots, and airport runways.
  • Different from the traditional batch-type asphalt plant, the drum asphalt plant has the advantages of high production efficiency, low energy consumption, and small footprint, so it is suitable for small road construction and maintenance projects.
  • In AIMIX, there are three models of moebile asphalt plants for sale, including 20, 40, and 60 t/h. Models are ALT20, ALT40, ALT60. Check them below.
ALT20 Small Portable Asphalt Mixing Plant

ALT20 Small Asphalt Plant

ALT40 Small Portable Asphalt Mixing Plant

ALT40 Small Portable Asphalt Plant

ALT60 Small Portable Asphalt Mixing Plant

ALT60 Small Asphalt Mixing Plant

Batch Mix Type

  • Compared with drum mixing type, the batch mix small asphalt mixing plant can produce high-quality asphalt mixture due to it has aspahlt mixer alone.
  • To meet customer’s demands, AIMIX has produced two kinds: ordinary batch mix type and simple batch mix asphalt plant. Worth mentioning, the opreation way of simple mixing type is more easier.
  • Here are different capacities for choices. ALYJ series imple type capacities include: 10 t/h, 15 t/h, 20 t/h, 30 t/h, 40 t/h, 60 t/h. Models are ALYJ10, ALYJ15, ALYJ20, ALYJ30, ALYJ40, and ALYJ60. And the mobile asphalt batch plant capacity is 60 t/h. Model is ALYQ60.
  • Thus, the clients can choose anyone according to the actual demands of road construction. If you are not sure, please consult our sales for suggestions.
ALYQ60 Small Portable Asphalt Mixing Plant

ALYQ60 Small Mobile Asphalt Plant

ALYJ60 Simple Batch Mix Plant

ALYQ60 Simple Mobile Batch Mix Plant

New Type Small Portable Asphalt Mixer Machine for Sale in AIMIX

Recently, AIMIX Group has launched new product for customer. This small portable asphalt mixer is convenient enough to produce new asphalt mixture which can be applicable for road maintenance. A lot of customers has inquired about this asphalt mixer machine now. Because it has lower investment and quick returns. Therefore, it is really deserved to be invested now! If you are interested in it, please contact us without hesitation. Email to us: Or send inquiry via forms on web page.

small asphalt mixer

Small Aspahlt Mixer

Portable asphalt mixer

Portable asphalt mixer

Applications of Small Portable Asphalt Mixing Plant At Abroad

  • Up to now, AIMIX small portable asphalt mixing plants for sale have been exported to many countries all over the world. Most customers have gave positive feedback on our asphalt plants for sale.
  • On one hand, the small asphalt batch plant has unique appearance, high performance and high efficiency, which can better match construction needs.
  • On the other hand, we have offered considerate service and reasonable asphalt mixing plant price to global customers.
  • In general, before business, our sale will provide online service whole day. We will answer you as soosn as possible.
  • Besides, after our machine has been delivered abroad, we will arrange for our engineer to help install it until the plant is running normally. Here are several successsful cases of our plants in the world for reference.

ALYJ60 Small Portable Batch Mix Plant Was Installed in The Philippines

  • Installing Time: Nov, 2021
  • Construction project: rural road construction in Manila
  • Output: 60 t/h
  • Cold Aggregate Feeding System: 5m³×3
  • Finihsed Asphalt Storage Bin: 9t

ALYJ60 Portable Asphalt Plant in The Philippines

Installing ALYJ60 Asphalt Mix Plant in the Philippines

ALYJ60 Mobile Simple Batch Mix Plant in The Philippines

ALYQ60 Small Portable Asphalt Plant in The Kazakhstan

— Installed in Feb, 2017
— Mixer(kg): 600
— Capacity: 60t/h
— Mixing cycles(s): 45
— Dry Capacity(t/h): 50
— Vibrating layer: 4
asphalt plant Kazakhstan

ALT60 Small Portable Asphalt Plant in Paraguay

— Installed in Aug, 2014
— Capacity: 60t/h
— Total Power(kw): 123
— Fuel Consumption(kg/t): 5.5-7.0kg/t(Fuel)
— Effect of De-dusting(mg/Nm3): Dust discharge concentration≤50(Bag dust)
— Control Mode: Manually, Semi-Auto/ Auto
Asphalt plant in Paraguay

ALT60 Small Asphalt plant in Afghanistan

— Installed in Spet, 2016
— Capacity: 60t/h
— Total Power(kw): 123
— Fuel Consumption(kg/t): 5.5-7.0kg/t(Fuel)
— Effect of De-dusting(mg/Nm3): Dust discharge concentration≤50(Bag dust)
— Control Mode: Manually, Semi-Auto/ Auto
Afghanistan asphalt plant

ALT60 Small Asphalt plant in Myanmar

— Installed in Mar, 2014
— Capacity: 123t/h
— Total Power(kw): 75
— Fuel Consumption(kg/t): 5.5-7.0kg/t(Fuel)
— Effect of De-dusting(mg/Nm3): Dust discharge concentration≤50(Bag dust)
— Control Mode: Manually, Semi-Auto/ Auto
asphalt plant burma

Characteristics of Small Portable Asphalt Mixing Plant for Sale

  • 1. The portable asphalt mixing plant is mounted on a movable trailer, which is convenient to be transported through tractor trailer.
  • 2. Portable asphalt batching plant for sale has modular design, which is convenient for transportation.
  • 3. It has compact structure, unique appearance, reasonable design, which is easy for operating and maintaining.
  • 4. Integrated dryer drum and mixer greatly ensures the quality of bitumen mixture.
  • 5. The bag dust catcher can improve material utilization rate, which can save energy consumption.
  • 6. The equipment has noise reducing device, which can reduce noise pollution.
  • 7. Each part of the portable asphalt plant for sale is connected closely, which can largely save occupation areas.
  • 8. The optimized mixing blades with powerful mixing strength make the mixing easy, reliable and efficient.
  • 9. Automatic PLC control and manual control make the operation much easier and safer.
  • 10. The detection and diagnosis function can warn failures as soon as possible, which can reduce maintenance cost.

Specifications of Small Portable Asphalt Mixing Plant

Model ALT20 ALT40 ALT60
Output 20t/h 45t/h 60t/h
Power Fuel Oil 34kw 65kw 105kw
Burning Coal 40kw 75kw 120kw
Cold Aggregate Feeding System 3.5m³×1 4m³×4 4m³×4
Finihsed Asphalt Storage Bin 3t 3t 7t
Asphalt Temperature 120-180℃
Fuel Consumption Fuel Oil 5-7.5kg/t
Burning Coal 13-15kg/t
Asphalt Tank 10t 20t 30t
Control Room 2.2m 2.2m 3m
Option Bag Dust Filter
Type ALYQ60
Production Capacity(t/h) 60
Hopper Capacity 4×4.5m³
Fuel Consumption 70-300kg/h
Dryer Capacity 60t/h
Vibrating screen(layer) 4
Mixer Capacity 500kg
Cycle Time 45
Filter Area 230m²
Asphalt Temperature 140-180℃
Total power 170kw

Details of Small Portable Asphalt Mixing Plant for Sale

1. Cold Aggregate Container

The portable asphalt mixing plant has equipped with four containers with small volume, which is adaptable to the production capacity. The arrangement of cold aggregate can save occupation space, which makes compact structure. The cone-shaped cold aggregate can ensure smooth discharge.

Cold aggregate container

2. Belt Conveyor

The belt conveyor has the basic function of transporting cold aggregate to the dryer drum. Besides, there is filter screen mounted on the conveyor. The filter screen is used to rule out the oversized aggregate, avoiding it transported to the dryer drum through belt conveyor, which can reduce heat loss. Under belt conveyor, there is safety protection device. It can be brake in emergency conditions. The equipped cleaning device can ensure no cold aggregate left on the belt conveyor. The conveyor can be folded easily with quick installation and transportation.

Belt conveyor

3. Drying Drum

With our portable asphalt batching plant, there is a chassis for the dryer drum. The chassis device can save time to change sites frequently. It is easy to move with lightweight. The outer of drum is covered with insulating layer to decrease heat loss. It is cast with anti-weary steel alloy to extend service life. The burning area of dryer drum ensures sufficient heat exchange, which can thoroughly dry cold aggregate with high thermal efficiency.

Drying drum

4. Dust Remover

The small portable asphalt mix plant has water dust collector and bag dust catcher. The dust collecting system adopts Nomax filter bag. The dust concentration can be guaranteed less than 50mg/nm3, which totally satisfies the national emission standard requirement. The recycled dust can be reused to avoid secondary pollution.

Dust remover

5. Vibrate Screen

The vibrate screen is the sieving device to separate hot aggregate according to different particle sizes, which can assure aggregate accurate measurement before mixing. The screen is made up of high strength manganese with reinforced rim, which can prolong the service life. The segmented design is convenient to maintain. In addition, the vibrating screen is tightly sealed without dust overflowing.

Vibrate screen

6. Asphalt Tank

The asphalt tank has insulating layer, which can retain heat for a long time and help save fuel for the bitumen tank burner. Installed on asphalt liquid level and temperature display device, the tank is convenient to operate.

Asphalt tank

7. Mineral Filler Unit

Mineral filler unit comes with air compressor unit for freely blowing the minerals into the mixer through the screw conveyor. The bottom of old and new powder silo has arch broken device, which can prevent powder arching efficiently and ensure uniform and continuous powder supply. Vertical and modular powder silo can be installed and transported quickly. The outlet of silo has manual valve, which is convenient to maintain. The intensive storage and discharge of recycled powder can reduce the environmental pollution.

Mineral filler unit

8. Mixer

The small asphalt mixing plant adopts twin-shaft mixer with strong mixing power. The mixing blades and liners use weary-resistant materials with long life span. It takes only 45 seconds to finish one mixing process, which can ensure stable production speed. The maintenance-free pneumatic discharge door can avoid mixture bond and material leakage.


9. Finished Products Storage Bin(Optional Component)

It is integrated with the mixing tower. The small area coverage can realize energy conservation and environment protection. The temperature of discharge door can be controlled automatically to prevent bond. The waste can be identified automatically.

Finished products storage bin

Choose AIMIX

AIMIX Group is the top manufacturer and leading enterprise of China road construction equipment. As one of the advanced portable asphalt mixing plant manufacturers with specialized manufacturing teams and workers, we try our best to produce a small and compact plant, which is easy for the users to assemble, disassemble and transport quickly. Here I have listed several reasons why choose AIMIX.

  • 1. We have focused on asphalt mixing equipment manfactuirng for decades. Thus, we have accumulated mature production experience and advanced technology to ensure the stable and performance of asphalt mixing plants.
  • 2. AIMIX has got CE and ISO certificates to gurantee the quality of equipment. In addition, the qualiy-control team would strictly checked and deugged the machine before delivery.
  • CE certificate of asphalt plant

  • 3. We have own own manfuactuing factory in China. Thus, we can ensure our ex-factory asphalt plant price is more moderate and competitive.
  • 4. AIMIX promises to offer considerate after-sales service for the equipment. Besides, we have professional service team to offer installation, debugging and maintenance service.
  • 5. Our asphalt plants have been exported to various countries. If necessary, we can arrange for visiting the working status of nearby asphalt mixing plant on-site.
  • After-Sales Service Team in Aimix

If you are intersted in AIMIX asphalt equipment, welcome to consult us for the latest asphalt plant price. Contact us now through the inquiry form, email, and WhatsApp. Later our sale would reply to you as soon as possible!

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