Tar Mixing Plant

The tar mixing plant, also known as an asphalt mixing plant or asphalt batch mix plant, is a specialized equipment utilized in road construction. Its main function is to combine aggregates and bitumen or tar at temperatures ranging from 120℃ to 220℃, resulting in asphalt mixtures. These mixtures find extensive usage in various applications such as road paving, highway construction, parking lot surfacing, and other asphalt-based surfaces. AIMIX, a renowned manufacturer, has successfully produced and supplied a wide range of tar mixing plants to clients worldwide. Below, we explore the diverse applications of this equipment.

Aimix Tar Mixing Plant Sale

Different Application Fields of Tar Mixing Plants

Since 2010, AIMIX has exported over 60 units of tar mixing plants to many countries all over the world, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Uzbekistan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Russia, Paraguay, Algeria, Brazil, etc. Here are the work pictures and videos taken by clients on-site.

80 t Stationary Asphalt Mix Plant in Indonesia
120 t Tar Mixing Plant in Malaysia
80 t Asphalt Mixing Plant In Uzbekistan
60 t Mobile Asphalt Mixer Plant in The Philippines

80 t Stationary Tar Mix Plant in Indonesia

80 t/h Stationary Tar Mix Plant for County Road Construction in Indonesia

Customer reviews: Thankful for the AIMIX sale team’s professionalism! In addition, they provide prompt after-sales service for me. I finished the installation and commissioning work in one month.

120 t Stationary Tar Mixing Plant in Malaysia

120 t/h Stationary Tar Mixing Plant for Urban Road Construction in Malaysia

Client Review: AIMIX sales and engineers are very responsible and professional. The service provided by AIMIX was exceptional and considerate. The engineers came to our site for installation and training service. Their customer care was highly appreciated. Working with the AIMIX team has been a pleasure.

80 t Asphalt Mix Plant In Uzbekistan

80 t/h Asphalt Mix Plant for Road Paving In Uzbekistan

Client review: It was the second time to cooperate with the AIMIX team. Last time, I bought the concrete batching plant from AIMIX. There is an office in Uzbekistan where I have been many times. I was satisfied with the quality and service offered by the AIMIX team.

60 t Mobile Asphalt Mix Plant in The Philippines

60 t/h Mobile Asphalt Mix Plant for Rural Road Construction in The Philippines

Client Review: The whole AIMIX staff produced quality asphalt mixing equipment in a timely matter just as promised. And if you have any questions, comments, or any issue AIMIX is there to help you out.

Tar Batch Mix Plant and Continuous Mix Plant for Choices

According to the mixing mode, there are two different mixing methods, including batch mix type and continuous mix type. Based on this division method, AIMIX also has manufactured different kinds of asphalt plants for sale. You can check the details of each one below.

Tar Batch Mix Plant

According to the mobility, there are stationary tar mixing plants – ALQ series and mobile asphalt plant for sale – ALYQ series. In addition, to meet clients’ special construction demands and their budget, AIMIX also has manufactured simple batch mix type – ALYJ series. Here are the main features of each type as follows:

ALQ series – medium and high-grade road construction

  • ALQ series tar mixing plant can produce high-quality mixture, and can precisely control the ratio and mixing process to ensure that the performance of the asphalt mixture meets the requirements.
  • Therefore, it is generally used for medium and high grade road construction, like highway, freeway, urban expressway, urban arterial road, and state road.
  • There are wide capacity ranges of stationary asphalt mixing plants for selection, from 40 t/h to 320 t/h. Among them, ALQ80, ALQ120, and ALQ160 are the clients’ primary choices for their construction.
ALQ80 Tar Mix Plant


ALQ120 Stationary Tar Batch Mix Plant


ALQ160 Tar Mixing Plant in AIMIX


Urban Expressways
Urban Expressways
State Road
State Road

ALYQ series – Medium and low grade road construction

  • It has the same structure as the stationary tar mixing plant. The differences lie in the mobile tires mounted on the main components to realize quick assembly and easy transportation.
  • In general, it is used for road construction with small traffic volume and low design standards and in temporary or remote areas, like country roads, rural roads, urban secondary road, internal roads in industrial parks, logistics centers and business districts, etc.
  • There are different models for choices: ALYQ60, ALYQ80, ALYQ100, ALYQ120, and ALYQ160. Choose one according to the scale of road construction.
ALYQ Series Mobile Asphalt Batching Plant
ALYQ Series Mobile Asphalt Batching Plant

Rural Roads
Rural Roads
Internal Roads
Internal Roads

ALYJ series – Low grade road construction

  • It is small and simple equipment used to produce asphalt mixture. It has a low capacity ranging from 10 t/h to 80 t/h.
  • It is usually characterized by portability and easy operation and can be moved and installed flexibly on the construction site. It is suitable for temporary or small-scale road construction, especially in remote areas or where resources are limited.

ALYJ60 Tar Mix Plant

ALYJ60 tar batching plant

tar mixing plant in the Philippines

Continuous Tar Mixing Plant

ALT series – Low grade road construction

  • In AIMIX, we mainly supplied asphalt drum mix plants – ALT series that can produce asphalt mixture continuously. There are four types of capacities for choices: 20 t/h, 40 t/h, 60 t/h, and 80 t/h.
  • It is applied for low-grade road construction including urban secondary arterial roads, county roads, country roads, and rural roads. Also, the drum mix plant is frequently used for small or temporary construction projects, such as road repairs, sidewalk construction, temporary parking lots, etc.
ALT40 Tar Mix Plant


ALT60 Tar Drum Mixing Plant


Road Repairing
Road Repairing
Temporary Parking Lots
Temporary Parking Lots

Main Information You Should Provide Before We Recommending the Suitable Model

  • 1. Road construction scale and level: low, medium or high grade
  • 2. Expected production capacity: required asphalt mix production per hour or per day
  • 3. Construction time and period: when to use it because of longer installation and commissioning time of tar mixing plant
  • 4. Transportation and movement requirements: stationary type or mobile type
  • 5. Asphalt mixture quality requirements: asphalt mix, stability, shear strength, durability
  • 6. Budget and cost considerations: high or low budgets
  • 7. Local regulations and requirements: dust removal systems selection to comply with relevant regulations and requirements

Key Components of Tar Mixing Plant

As a large-size road construction equipment, it is composed of various components. Here I have listed the key components of the tar hot mix asphalt plant as follows:

Cold Aggregate Feeder: It stores and supplies the different types and sizes of aggregates to be used in the asphalt mix. In general, it includes multiple bins or hoppers for storing and sorting the aggregates, like 4 bins, 5 bins, and 6 bins.

Drying Drum: The drying drum is where the aggregates are heated and dried. It removes moisture from the aggregates, ensuring optimal mixing with the asphalt mixture.

Mixing Unit: The mixing unit is responsible for blending the dried aggregates with the tar. It ensures a homogeneous mixture with consistent quality and performance.

Cold Aggregate Bins
Cold Aggregate Bins
Drying Drum of tar mix plant
Drying Drum
Mixing Unit
Mixing Unit

Asphalt tanks: The tanks store the bitumen or tar that will be mixed with the aggregates. They are designed to maintain the temperature of the bitumen and facilitate its controlled flow into the mixing unit.

Dust Collector System: Asphalt production generates dust and other airborne particles. There are two types of dust collectors for choice: bag dust removal and water dust removal.

Electric control room: The control system is the central command unit of the hot asphalt mixing plant. It allows operators to monitor and control various parameters, such as aggregate flow, temperature, and mixing ratios, to ensure efficient and precise operation.

Asphalt Tank
Asphalt Tank
Dust Collector
Dust Collector
Electric Control Room
Electric Control Room

Factors Affecting The Tar Mixing Plant Price

The clients need to consider a lot of factors that could affect the price of tar mixing plants. Here I have listed some factors, including but not limited to the following aspects:


Mixing plants with different capacities have different production capacities and working efficiencies. so the prices will also vary. Generally speaking, the price of tar mixing plants with larger capacities will be relatively higher.

Technical configuration and quality

The technical configuration and quality level of the tar mixing plant will also affect the price. More advanced technology configurations and high-quality manufacturing materials will improve the performance and life of the bitumen mixing plant, which will have an impact on the price.

Customized Tar Mixing Plant for Clients

Additional equipment and customization needs

If the customer has additional customization needs or needs specific additional equipment, the price of the asphalt mixing plant would be higher. For example, in addition to the basic components, it is necessary to add environmental protection equipment, metering systems, conveying equipment, etc., which may increase the total cost of the equipment.

Brands and Manufacturers

Tar mixing plant prices may vary between different brands and manufacturers. Well-known asphalt plant manufacturers and brands with good reputations usually price their products higher. Otherwise, the price would be a little cheaper. AIMIX, as one of the reliable tar mixing plant manufacturers, has provided reasonable prices for clients. Check the price ranges below:

Tar Mixing Plant Price Ranges in AIMIX Manufacturer

  • ALQ series: $220,000 – $1220,000
  • ALYQ series: $270,000 – $600,000
  • ALT series: $60,000 – $250,000
  • ALYJ series: $50000 – $200,000

If you want to get the price of the exact model, welcome to consult our sale for the latest prices right now! Later our sale would reply as soon as possible!

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