Asphalt Dryer Drum

Asphalt dryer drum is one of the most important component of asphalt plant drying and heating system. The main purpose is to remove the moisture from the cold aggregate and heat them, which can ensure bonding with the asphalt. As we all know, the moisture of cold aggregate should be controlled accurately. Otherwise, it may influence the finished product – asphalt mixture. Therefore, it is essential to choose a best asphalt drum to improve working efficiency in the beginning of the whole process. Here is an elaborate introduction about asphalt drum dryer for sale. Hope it can help you a lot.

Aimix Asphalt Dryer Drum
Aimix Asphalt Dryer Drum

Structure of Asphalt Dryer Drum

The structure of the asphalt drum mixer for drum mix plant is composed of a cylinder body, a feeding blade, a rolling ring, a supporting roller assembly, a thrust roller assembly, a driving device, an inlet and outlet cigarette box and a frame. The inner guide plate of the bitumen drum is divided into three sections according to the arrangement: the feeding section, the convection section (the curtain area) and the combustion section.

Asphalt Dryer Drum Structure
Asphalt Dryer Drum Structure
Flights of Drum Dryer
Flights of Drum Dryer

Features of Aimix Asphalt Drum Mixers

1. Special structure of the inner blade of the asphalt drum for sale; partition arrangement; high heat exchange efficiency.

2. The asphalt drum mixer for sale adopts wear-resistant high temperature lifting plate, which has long service life and can’t deform easily.

3. Discharging chute have used anti-weary materials to keep long life span.

4. The whole body have insulation function. Besides, it has plated zinc sheet to decorate externally.

5. It has strong anti-overload capability and high reliability. Thus, the portable asphalt drum mixer runs smoothly with low vibration. Moreover, axial turbulence of the cylinder during operation is not more than 3mm.

6. The support roller and raceway are well matched, which can greatly reduce the wear and power consumption. Rollers’ service life is not less than 5000h and rolling rings’ life span is no less than 10000h.

7. Specially designed retaining wheel structure can greatly reduce the horizontal thrust caused by the tilting work of the asphalt hot mix plant.

8. Gears, bearings and other purchased parts have imported from internationally renowned brands with high configuration.

9. Roller ring and supporting roller are made of high quality wear-resistant steel, which is further wear-resistant by heat treatment.

10. Safety protection net is set at the coupling and safety protection cover is set at the rotary ring of drying cylinder.

11. The bitumen drum in China has set safety protection device to brake quickly in emergency.

12. Asphalt drying drum is made of steel plate with good abrasion resistance and heat deformation resistance no less than 16Mn.

13. There is temperature testing device at the end of dryer drum to control the aggregate temperature.

dryer drum for asphalt plant
dryer drum for asphalt plant

drum dryer
drum dryer

Working Principle of Asphalt Drum Mixer for Sale

The driving device rotates the inclined asphalt dryer drum. And the blades of different sections and different shapes in the inner side of drum scrape the aggregate and form a curtain. Then they fall and go forward at different positions so that the aggregate and the hot air flow are fully heat exchanged. In this way can the aggregate heat evenly.

After heating, the aggregate passes through the curtain area and enters the radiation area. The specially designed lifting board is attached to the inner side of the drum and rotates with the drum to avoid the disordered flow affecting the shape of the flame. At the same time, the radiant energy is used to maintain the aggregate temperature. In this way, the loss of incomplete combustion caused by the sticking of the fuel by the aggregate can be reduced.

In order to dry the cold aggregate and heat it to the required temperature (10~20 °C higher than the asphalt heating temperature, generally 150~180 °C, the asphalt type and label are different, so as heating temperature). In order to achieve this, a multi-stage lifting blade (lifting plate) is designed on the inner side of the asphalt dryer drum.

Some Precautions During The Trial Run of The Asphalt Drum Mixers After Installation

1. Clean the internal debris such as drying drum, furnace and pulverized coal machine. Check whether the inside lifting blades of the drying drum is fastened, and tear off the outer packaging of the drying drum;

2. Check whether the wiring of the power distribution cabinet is firm, and whether the line is in accordance with the drawings;

3. Roller ring and roller are prohibited from buttering;

4. Observe that the gap between the two gear wheels and the drying drum is moderate;

5. Remove the universal joints; debug the motor one by one, arrange four people to observe the four motors separately; test the reverse rotation of the single machine; observe whether the positive and negative reversals are correct; whether the current is normal, and then install the universal joints after each motor is debugged normally.

6. The overall adjustment: drying drum rotate, observe whether the body is running smoothly, whether the vibration condition is normal;

7. The drum is a heating element, so do not touch it when the equipment is running.

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