Preparations before Asphalt Mixing Plant Installation

Before the installation of the asphalt plant, it is very important to carry out the preparation work, because it can ensure the smooth progress of the installation process and improve the efficiency and durability of the asphalt mixing plant. Here I have listed some preparations for reference.

Asphalt Mixing Plant Installation

Preparations before Installation of Asphalt Plant

1. Lay the equipment foundation

  • The user should select the site and lay a good foundation according to the layout map provided by AIMIX Group.
  • He should have an overall and reasonable plan for the site, and the location of the mixing tower should be conducive to the entry and exit of transport trucks.
  • Rational layout of stockyard and asphalt tank location.
  • The control room should be placed in a position that is convenient for observing the operation of the whole machine, and at the same time does not hinder the entry and exit of transport vehicles.
  • The cold hopper should be placed in a convenient location for loading.

Lay The Equipment Foundation

2. Power and Material Supply Systems

  • Asphalt mixing plants require a reliable power supply to drive various equipment and control systems.
  • Before installation, it is necessary to carry out the layout and wiring of the power system to ensure the normal operation of the asphalt mixing plant.
  • In addition, it is also necessary to ensure that supply systems such as fuel supply and additive supply can be connected to the asphalt plant and provide the required materials.

3. Environmental Protection

  • Asphalt batching plants will produce certain waste gas and wastewater, so appropriate environmental protection facilities need to be installed.
  • In addition, formalities that local environmental authorities should approve and record have been completed according to the system requirements.

Environmental Equipment

4. Equipment Preparation

  • Before installation, all asphalt plant components need to be inspected and prepared, which includes checking their integrity, health, and security of them.
  • Ensure that all components comply with relevant standards, and do a good job in commissioning and calibration of equipment to ensure that it can function properly after installation.

Through the above preparatory work, a good foundation can be laid for the installation of the AIMIX asphalt plant. It can ensure the safe and efficient operation of the equipment, improve production efficiency, and reduce potential failures and losses.

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